When ignorance rules it looks like Seattle (CHAZ); a decimated downtown Minneapolis; or Madison, Wisconsin. I am referring to the latest, senseless act in Wisconsin of removing and throwing the statue of an abolitionist in a nearby lake. If in fact, Black Lives Matter, which is the impetus for this behavior so we are told, one would think instead of destroying a statue of Col. Hans Christian Heg, an abolitionist who fought and died during the Civil War as a Union soldier trying to free the slaves, that his statue would be cherished and even worshiped. But this is not the case and speaks volumes about the sheer ignorance of these individuals who are literally destroying historical monuments that represent our checkered past. While the left wants to erase history like it never occurred, the rest of us want to learn from our past mistakes so that we may never forget the level of inequality that existed during that era. To ignore Hitler's past would be pretending that millions of Jews were never exterminated.

Maybe this is a symptom of a failed education system not thoroughly educating our youth. Maybe this is a result of a destructive ideology that only promotes violence (Saul Alinsky) above rational, thought-provoking decisions. My guess is, this movement is well-funded by someone who detests law and order in our country. Shame on those who support the destruction of our nation due to uninformed choices or being used as a cheap pawn.

David Eddy 


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Doc Samson

The Left owns 90% of the media, the public school agenda, and the garbage coming out of Hollywood. The wonder is that they have any resistance at all at this point...


People cannot act on their own volition...they have to be a pawn of someone else? That is just another form of racism. "Worship" that statue of a white man who sought what was right in the first place? Well, it just keeps on getting worse and worse in this letter....


Racism is only systemic in Leftists heads. That makes you the pawn, believing that your made-up malady lurks behind every white skin cell. It’s the only way you can get power back. It’s not from honestly addressing real problems, it’s about filling people with hate. Your side brings people together about like a reverse magnet. With your thoughts you probably believe Humanity is a real 4 letter word.


Great letter, Mr. Eddy, thank you!

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