President Trump has apparently decided that a blatant appeal to racism and white grievance is his ticket to re-election. The "if you don't like it, go back to where you came from" rhetoric is the kind of reasoned discourse we've come to expect from this president. One can only hope that the voting public will decisively reject this appeal next fall.

The more immediate question for us in the Northern Shenandoah Valley is how our elected representatives -- Sen. Jill Vogel and Dels. Chris Collins and Dave LaRock -- react to this kind of ignorant, juvenile, divisive statement. Do they fall in line with the rest of the Trump -- excuse me, "Republican" -- Party and endorse the president's statements, or do they demonstrate a modicum of respect for their non-white constituents and for the ideals on which our government was built, and disown the president's remarks?

Do they believe there's such a thing as conditional citizenship (based on the degree of melanin in one's skin), or is there just one class of citizenship, in which case one's skin tone and/or where one's family may have come from is irrelevant? (Which would render the "go back to where you came from" trope moot.) We need to know where the three of you stand, kids.

Charles Uphaus

Frederick County

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So, in essence, are your comments about our President, who happens to be white, racist? You basically want him to go away or back where he came from because of what he said. President Trump never said anything about the color of the Congresswomen’s skin. You sir, have. Millions of Americans did not like the statements and policies of Mr Obama, who happened to have dark skin. That did not make them racists. Statements related to hate and anti semitism should be called out, no matter a person’s color. Liberals, and their supposed unifying party, have done more to hurt race relations in this country than anyone. Instead, you have unified hate and anger, and throw a very evil term such as “racist” around to in an attempt to silence speech from others you don’t approve of. Talk about elementary school behavior.


The fact that Trump assumed people of color are from somewhere other than the US is racist. Trump did nothing but complain about the US during the Obama years, going so far as to champion the racist Birther lie. Remember when he sent investigators to Hawaii? They were going to reveal yooge news that would break the story wide open.

Spock Here

It is really unnerving how these cultists apologize for him, no matter what. Does the good doctor sit in front of his tv watching the rallies and chant "Send her back"?


We are all the same under our skin. Thanks to you and your cult for highlighting the overwhelming importance of skin color. If you can, I would recommend you watching the interview with Ben Carson on Fox last night. The horror...a different take.


The president's "go back to where you came from" rhetoric is directed only at people of color. He didn't think much of John McCain, but never told him to go back where he came from. Same for Jim Comey. No, that language is just for people of color. And that, sir, is racist.


John McCain and Jim Comey never expressed disgust, or made very vile statements about America or its allies.

Peter Vernimb

What LTE did you read? Clearly not this one. Trump has settled on a strategy---did you see it? "Send her back!" In my 60 plus years on this earth, did I ever expect to see such a person violate the honor of the office of the president. Imagine sir, if your pastor or rabbi spoke with such terms with equal derision for people who don't look the same. You'd run the person out of your place of worship. The same degree of accountability, respect and decorum must be expected of the president (or any other elected leader).


Respect, sir, is a two way street. Hate does not know color. Any person, you and me, should be seen as the sum of who we are and what we have done. Yes, I can read, hear, and see.

Spock Here

If the current comrade in chief shows no respect for the office he holds, why should we? His plan is to whip up a frenzy of hate, otherwise, why does he use such hateful rhetoric? What about what you read, hear, and see with this man do you find acceptable?

Spock Here



Pence's all about him and what his role is in those endless rallies we have the misfortune to constantly be paying for. How many has it been again? Cha Ching Cha Ching. Disagreement is one thing, what this person and his history of racial attacks has done to the dialogue in " Our " country is reprehensible. Your deflection is too.

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