I have been reading the letters and articles regarding the USPS with interest.

So far my husband and I have not received an invoice from our insurance company, credit card company, bank statement and some of my husband’s medicine. I called the local Post Office and was told by a supervisor that they were backed up because of Christmas. I suspect we will not receive any of those items. Who knows where they are?

I’m not sure what has happened. We used to get good service, but now I am almost afraid to use the USPS. I certainly won’t mail anything important without it being certified.

Carolyn Williams

Frederick County

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Donald Trump happened, Carolyn, and ruins everything he touches. It was by design, to keep ballot counting low to ensure his win. We’ll get it fixed, but for now send nothing first class thru USPS unless it doesnt matter how long it will take (boxes i’ve sent lately average 4 weeks that used to take 4 days)


The Post Office is a mess! Late mail delivery, no mail delivery, businesses confirming frustration with late payments and phone calls from people who are not receiving billing statements in the mail- yet another blatant failure of Trump administration- he is a disgrace at every turn!


Lack of competition hurts the USPS. It has been in a steady state of decline for decades upon decades. It's bloated management leaves its front line workers to bear the brunt of the criticism, when instead the entire organization needs a reboot. This decline may well have been accelerated by President Trump, but it has been going on for a long, long time. As with most government organizations, it would be out of business if it wasn't government. Sadly, we'll get President-elect Biden throwing a political lifeline to supporters while ignoring the long term, decades long disaster our USPS has become. And no, I won't hold PE Biden in contempt; he'll simply continue a long line of politics. Same poop, different side of the isle.


No- not at all. Not perfect, not Superman, but the differences in the character, content, and soul between Biden and Trump could not be greater. USPS was never perfect, but what has happened in Dejoy’s short tenure has been an abject failure, and you can thank Trump. (It was by design- he wanted this and said so)


What happened? Trump happened. Those who voted for and still support him are to blame.

Clarke County Hokie

Given the continued life lines thrown at the USPS, it is doubtful that their employees voted for Trump. Their votes would be better served for wasteful folks. Of course, this comment is meant for folks that can reason rather than just spew the same rhetoric without question.


Slowe, why don't you just shut up instead of talking about something you know nothing about.

Spock Here

Why don't you enlighten us then? DeJoy is a mob guy doing his master's bidding. What do you know that's different?


Did BLM burn buildings? I believe that's violent. Bryan nuri is spock among others above

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