"The American Independent" was sent to my home apart from my request. The word "independent" is laughable since they clearly have a Democratic worldview. This "independent" organization is advocating for Terry McAuliffe to be the leader of our commonwealth. They say, in opposition to Glenn Youngkin, that anti-abortion lawmakers have pushed to ban abortion after 20 weeks despite a lack of scientific evidence of fetal pain at that point.

I cannot believe people even consider abortion at 19 weeks. Of course there is no way to prove these babies don't feel pain, since we cannot ask them whether they experience pain and cannot do tests on them that could confirm pain like pet scans lighting up in the pain centers of the brain.

But I have watched videos of fetuses less than 20 week of age during an abortion, and they act exactly like they are experiencing pain. They rapidly withdraw the part of the body that is stuck by a needle and they writhe, seemingly in pain, for hours when saline is injected into the womb.

I have been accused of being a misogynist. But I propose that a woman who declines an abortion should be able to legally claim alimony and child support if either she or he decline marriage. 

Abortion at any stage of development is not kind to fetuses.

Dr. Andrew White


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Doc Samson

Funny how the Pr0gs worship at the good Doctor's feet when he conforms to the narrative, proclaiming his knowledge and credentials to be unassailable, virtuous, and flawless. But when he turns away from the narrative on a topic in which his knowledge and credential are, at the very least, waaay beyond what they've studied? Yeah, rational people can see the Left for the hypocritical goal-post movers that they are... [rolleyes]

Ken Kovach

The abortion video that has been passed around for years, is skewed to provoke outrage, just like TV commercials for sad puppies in cages. I believe a more realistic video of most abortions would look more like sperm and egg cells in a petri dish, however, that wouldn’t stir up the conservatives to demonize liberals for supports women rights. We know the pain women are often forced to endure is real so, lets help alleviate the problem by supporting centers for women, and promoting sex education. Let’s strive for earlier awareness of pregnancy and then go for a reasonable rollback from 20 weeks, instead of total elimination of legal abortion. Electing republicans will just cause more pain and suffering.


I wonder if Dr White understands the i.plicstions of what he says here. If you ban abortion, you won't stop abortions; you'll just make safe abortion illegal. Banning abortion solves nothing.

I wonder if he would support improving pre- and postnatal care for mother and child? Making sex ed more comprehensive in school. Improving access to birth control. Loosening restrictions on single-parent and same-ssx families to adopt. We won't even get I to the socioeconomic issues.

If you're not willing to address the root issues, you're not solving anything by merely being pro-birth.

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