An idea to help The Laurel Center

I have an idea for The Laurel Center. I was distressed to learn of their loss of funding and so I decided to do some math in an effort to find a solution. The 2019 combined population of Winchester and Frederick County (not including Warren County) is 117,210. If half of the population would donate $5 just one time each year, that would give them almost $300,000. If the other half of the population donated just $.25 once each year, it would make up the difference to cover the shortfall of $305,000 each year. My point is, if we could do a community drive, like the annual “Chain of Checks” and the Salvation Army kettles, we could all make a real difference for this worthy service in our community. I received money from the federal government for COVID that I did not need and I donated it to several local charities. I challenge other unneedy recipients of federal handouts to do the same thing. Excuse me while I go write a check.

Kitty Stein Frederick County

Kitty Stein

Frederick County

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Excuse me while I go write a check!

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