The state and local governments need to get their act together for delivering COVID-19 vaccines. We went to Boyce today to get the vaccine. There was a one-mile backup of cars on the main road into Boyce. Once we got to the fire hall the line was similar to what you see at airport security and was not moving. We are 75 years old and there is no way we could wait in that line for hours, plus there was absolutely no social distancing, good chance to catch the virus while standing in line. The vaccine is now available but there is no acceptable distribution method available. The local governments knew the vaccine was coming, they apparently did nothing to get ready for distribution.

Tom Park

White Post

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This is PRECISELY why it may seem like you’re “winning” when you elect a person with zero qualifications for a job. Failure as far as the eye can see. Take a good look around you at the world we are in, and thank your lucky stars that there were just a few more million people who saw realities that far too many either couldn't see, didn't care, or mostly disgustingly, supported.

Spock Here

State and local governments have been given absolutely no direction from the Feds. Nor any financial help. The president is too busy inciting violence to care. He has no plan and there is no infrastructure in place. It's not only here, but all over.


So Pelosi is to busy riding her bull trash place to and from California to give out stimulas checks? I guess she was watching out for that global I want to save a lizard warming. Nuri u sound so stupid. What's wrong? R u scared?


Are you a real person? I’m serious! People don’t talk/write like that. I mean it’s incomprehensible gibberish. Are you some kind of robotic thing?


Yes, it seems a shame the state and local governments cannot carry out such a valuable logistics operation. They can manage to collect fees and taxes without error or delay, but......

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