As a pragmatist, I hear "Shut down," "Close," and "Danger Will Robinson" from those who have an automatic deposit, a paycheck regardless of whether they walk out the front door or not. I see people who must work to eat, trying to be heard over the noise and fear. I just returned from a road trip from Arizona to Wisconsin and I see the wisdom in trusting each county to manage its own risk. Gallup, New Mexico vs. Joplin, Missouri are good examples. I am old enough to see how following the Constitution has brought the USA through even more difficult times than today. Yet today I ask myself, who would not want this shutdown to end? Could it be the guaranteed paycheck folks are so loud few can hear the no work, no eat folks? The pragmatist.

Timothy Gowdy


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How many of them are not taking a salary now? Trump for one. However, his tab for golf outings, secret service golf carts and rooms at his resorts is now about $130 million. So, spare me the con about him not taking a salary.

Bernie Mac

Democrats could not care less about the victims of this shutdown. Some even blame the victims. Remember this when you vote. The Democrats do not care about you. They only care about power.


That is such a stupid and outlandish claim, Bernie. What are you? A bot?

Spock Here

He's playing his dementia game again, like the "big guy" Poor judgment

Loss of empathy

Socially inappropriate behavior

Lack of inhibition

Repetitive compulsive behavior

Inability to concentrate or plan

Frequent, abrupt mood changes

Speech difficulties

Problems w/ balance or movement

Memory loss

Bernie Mac

You should try reading the comments made by your comrades. Chris22602 very clearly blames the victims of the shutdown. Your comrades never show any empathy for the shutdown victims.


The wisdom and trust Mr. Gowdy speaks in praise of has resulted in the U.S. leading the world in coronavirus cases, with nearly three times the number of victims from Russia or Britain which bring up a distant second. Our horrific pandemic numbers are a direct result of the wishful thinking of elected officials acting not in the interest of the citizens they represent, but their own ulterior political motives.


The numbers are a farce. States like Georgia and Colorado have already admitted the numbers are inflated.

Chris 22602

What I want to know is where is everyone’s emergency funds? You’re supposed to have at least 3 months of expenses in the bank. If you pair that with Trump’s $600 a week unemployment bonus, there should be no whining. So why did members of the party of personal responsibility not take some responsibility and save up for a time like this?


They have no money because there is no money. It's all been sucked up by the 1%, corporations and Masters of the Universe. The wealth inequity in America has become a national shame.

Chris 22602

But that’s what they voted for in 2016. They voted for tax cuts for the top 1%. So I think it’s reasonable to assume they had their own finances straight when they voted for a tax raise for themselves and a tax hike for the rich. I mean they all have PhDs in epidemiology according to Facebook.


How many of the wealthy aren't taking a salary right now? Or do they write books, or charge thousands for speaking engagements or yours, hmmm, I can think of a few ex leaders/politicians who are guilty of that.


Spelling correction: that's tours, not yours, my phone likes to change my spelling😁


Great letter, Mr. Gowdy. Agreed!

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