I recall several years ago when a man was running for the position of governor of Virginia. He promised if he was elected that he would eliminate the car tax. He was elected and I don’t know about you, but I’m still paying a car tax. Now we have another candidate saying he will eliminate the tax on food. Beware!

Carolyn Williams

Frederick County 

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Catherine Giovannoni

Glenn Youngkin's economic advisor is the same guy who ruined Kansas' economy. The book Dying of Whiteness describes the problems. Kansas finally had to kick him and his ideas to the curb, but not before ruining its schools, roads, and economy. Let's not make the same mistake in Virginia. Vote for Terry McAuliffe, Haya Ayala, and Mark Herring.


And Terry McAuliffe ran the Clinton Foundation when they raised money for a Haiti earthquake relief fund and no funds were provide to Haiti, but yet McAuliffe got his share of that funding!!


The Clinton Foundation has also worked in the country through the Haiti Action Network – which has generated 130 commitments to action that are worth more than $300 million. The impact of Haiti Action Network members includes:

590,000 people received better access to health care services

100,000 children gained access to education

4,400 acres of forest protected or restored

125,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions reduced

65,000 farmers with improved livelihoods


Yet Haiti is still a massive failure as a country, no matter how much money is poured into it. See our southern border for proof.

Doc Samson

Translation: Grifting is A-OK as long as it's done by "my" people...

Doc Samson

Funny! Yes, politicians say things to get elected and then don't follow through. Wonder how often you hold your own side to that standard?

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