After listening to the President in Georgia ranting about voter reform, it is evident that he and the Vice President are tone deaf or used their rhetoric to deflect the current challenges facing our nation.

Challenges such as: skyrocketing inflation with no solution in sight but to spend more of taxpayer money. A 26% increase in fuel costs during the last six months that affect every American family due to his no fossil fuel agenda. COVID continues to wreak havoc on our nation, when he promised no COVID deaths would occur on his watch, but the current tally is up 450,000 since his inauguration. Billions of COVID dollars appear to have been diverted to the open border crisis to subsidize his covert plan allowing illegal immigrants to enter our nation, unvetted, flown to states in the dead of night, and put up in hotels, all at our expense while putting American’s health at risk. Logistics issues continue (just look at the empty shelves). Healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, and military personnel forced to leave their jobs due to the unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

Since the embarrassing Afghanistan withdrawal, we now have Russia and China flexing their military might to potentially occupy additional territories. Added to our national security threat is North Korea ramping up its ICBM missile program, all the while Iran secretly continues its efforts to build nuclear weapons.

His inflammatory Georgia speech was intentionally used to divide not unite our nation. Just another example of his broken promises.

David Eddy

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Doc Samson

Poor Jonnieboy. Yeah, if Biden were my prez, I'd have stopped reading, too. It's the only way to avoid reality...

Thank goodness you have Kamala to fall back on if needed! [lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]


Okay Eddie, show me where Biden said that there would be no Covid deaths on his watch. The vaccines weren’t even delivered yet!! This is about as far as I got in your drivel.

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