Christ, Christmas and the Confederate monument

Bah Humbug!

Interesting picture last week of the city Christmas tree being positioned next to the statue on the square.

We can’t keep Christ in Christmas, can’t set up a Nativity on the square. But the Confederacy marches on, Johnny Reb is welcomed home for the holidays.

Daniel C. Schiavone


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Chris 22602

Real Christians would take that statue down, those who claim to live Christ while keeping those statues up are the wolves in sheep’s clothing the Bible warns about, they are people that are not to be trusted.


Stick to babies and stop making a fool out of yourself.


How droll. What do you do that makes you an expert in everything?

Doc Samson

Oh, the epic irony of that comment coming from a potato brain like you! [thumbup]


O ye of no integrity...

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