Councilman Clark:

You have much to learn about the city you serve. Yes. YOU are a servant...not a sit there uninterrupted...speaking from your pulpit, spouting feelings, NOT facts. You hide behind the rules that limit citizens to three minutes to give accounts of FACTS while you have unlimited time to stray off course and attack those who dare speak the ugly call us liars, you say we are attacking you and other members of council...NOT TRUE. We are only reporting to Council, in PUBLIC what is happening under your noses. You say you are tired of dodging slings and arrows...THEN RESIGN...because they are going to keep coming! We are not going to stop bringing the truth to light. We are not going to stop making public safety a priority. We are not going to stop trying to end the corruption in City Hall. If you can’t handle the job you were voted to do, step down and let a leader take the position.

I had to leave my position as a veteran firefighter/paramedic in the city I live simply to have a voice against the corruption. YOU WILL NOT SILENCE ME.

I urge the citizens of Winchester to take action. Attend city council meetings, educate yourselves on what is happening in this city. Employees are threatened to be fired for informing the community about the public safety crisis. Firetrucks are arriving on scene of structure fires with just a single driver. This means it may require as many as three fire trucks, a ladder truck and three ambulances just to get 12 people on a scene. The National Fire Protection Agency says a modern, average home requires a minimum of 18 firefighters to safely extinguish a blaze. Not only is this public safety crisis unsafe for firefighters, it is unsafe for the community!

Firefighters come to work every day willing to lay down their lives for us, the citizens of Winchester. We MUST speak up. It costs nothing but your time and in return you will have a safer community.

Stephanie Binotto


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Well said Stephanie. It needed to be said and people need to know. Thank you for your service, your courage and your voice.


Thank you for your service. Heads up people, 18 firefighters to fight a 2000sf house Fire.. there are 12 working......

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