City needs to step up enforcement on Loudoun Street Mall

Three businesses on the Old Town Mall were shoplifted of items placed outside of their stores for display on November 12, 2020, around 2 pm.

This is another sign that, and there is no other way to say it, the city is losing control of the Old Town Mall.

In the past several months we at the north end of the mall have been observing an increase of skateboarding and bicycle riding on the walking mall, in spite of the fact that this activity is proscribed by Section 26-33 of the Code of Ordinances.

Street musicians of varying degrees of talent are becoming more prevalent but many of them have added amplification and can be heard from a greater distance. During First Friday on November 6, a five-man country band was set up out on the mall and was so loud that I was wondering why they were on the mall and not in the Taylor Pavilion.

With the pandemic, the Old Town businesses and restaurants have been holding their own but are subject to restrictions on hours and capacity. The city government should do its part by simply enforcing ordinances that are already in place with a visible law enforcement presence as a deterrent to any illegal or disruptive activity.

Joseph Murphy Winchester

Joseph Murphy


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The mall cop was reassigned to regular patrol duty because of staffing issues. Patrol officers are now working 12 hour shifts. It's not just pay causing this, it's moral and stress. Who would want to get into this career field nowadays. You think it's bad now it's just the tip of the iceberg if biden moves into the White House.


How would you know? You're not even a member of this community.


You do not have to be a member of the community to see what is happening all over the country thanks to the Democrats! Police officers are leaving ASAP and new hires are nil and I do not blame them.


If the police department didn't have such high rates of officers leaving, maybe there would be enough staff to do this. The city across many departments has a had time getting people to stick around.

Doc Samson

"The city across many departments has a had time getting people to stick around."

Very true and yet, very few of those in power seem to care. Leaders who spout platitudes only increase low morale and those on the front lines usually see right through that garbage. They also know they are not valued but are seen as just another cog in the machine. Some of the local school systems are a perfect example. So many great teachers and aides have left, not for money, but for other reasons that have to do with how the system is run. But what keeps getting harped on by those at the top? They continue to believe it's all about money. When you refuse, or simply don't care, to understand the cause, you'll never find the remedy...


Doc S- agreed. This is not specific to police and fire and rescue.. city employees simply are not valued here. As long as that is the case, city organizations will be understaffed, wasting money to hire/train replacements, and dealing with the low productivity and performance that is often a consequence of a toxic work environment.

Doc Samson



It was nice and felt comfortable when a knowledgeable officer was posted to the Mall. After all, it is a community.


I agree. I was enjoying a cold beer outside at one of the Loudoun Street mall restaurants about a week ago and watched a skateboarder ride on through, down the mall walkway. There's also some beggar riding around on his bicycle on the mall, panhandling. I guess they are too stupid to know how to read.


Let’s don’t deepen the divide!

Bernie Mac

I'll bet that you were on Ritalin when you were a kid.

Spock Here



I doubt this entire story

Bernie Mac

You too.

Doc Samson

Newsflash - [yawn][sleeping]


People who wouldn't know obviously spend their lives in Grandma's basement, too bitter about their own failures in life. When they decide to emerge from their hiding places, their eyes may be opened to the realities that nobody owes them anything. They have to earn it.

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