At the same time Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) announced its new proposed name, Laurel Ridge Community College, the college website was still claiming it has evidence that Thomas the 6th Lord Fairfax engaged in long-term sexual abuse of black slaves.

The claim is false. There is no evidence that he sexually abused one or many slaves.

As I discussed in a previous letter to The Star, the claim is based on an error and rumor in a biography of Fairfax by Stewart Brown Jr.

The claim is proved an error by the index to slave manuscripts in the Virginia Historical Society. The publisher of Brown’s book may issue an errata.

This erroneous claim was often mentioned in the LFCC Sept 2 workgroup meeting minutes found at:

Some of the comments about Lord Fairfax in that meeting are astonishingly uninformed. One can feel the tug-of-war between the non-historians and the historian(s) as you read. LFCC President Kim Blosser chaired the workgroup.

To persist in this claim, and for Blosser not to issue a public apology, shows a lack of academic integrity and a disregard for the history of our region.

John Thomson

Front Royal

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I would love to see Mr Thompson's research.

Old Western Man

The "evidence" of Thomas Jefferson as sire to Sally Hemmings children isn't conclusive. The DNA evidence only states that a Jefferson male is the sire. All claims otherwise are circumstantial at best, much as are the allegations and innuendos for Lord Fairfax. Are these things conceivable given the context of history, sure. Are they verifiable facts, no. Purported educational institutions should know the difference and pursue truth, but craven “leadership” submits to their avarice of Academia's hive-minded acceptance.

Not surprisingly though, the “perpetually outraged” lack the same passion or concern for the immoral controversies swirling around their current day political agents in Justin Fairfax, Northam, Herring, Biden, Harris, Clintons, etc. ad nauseam. Reason would suggest that they act in the now where they can demand and expect better from those that seek their endorsement. Unfortunately, their emotion based hyper-partisan animus clouds any vestige of moral objectivity.

john brown

"Unfortunately, their emotion based hyper-partisan animus clouds any vestige of moral objectivity" this is soooo rich, coming from a tRumpster LOL LOL LOL


I'll see your "Justin Fairfax, Northam, Herring, Biden, Harris, Clintons, etc. ad nauseam" and raise you a Trump, Gaetz, Gingrich, Gowdy, Moore, Foley, Craig, etc. ad nauseam.


How many other "Jefferson males" were present in Sally Hemming's life?


Thomas Jefferson was a slave holder, and fathered children with them. I say that makes him a rapist too. Time to remove his name from UVA and all references to him. Anyone who is against this must be a racist bigot and a cultist.

john brown

No question jefferson was a rapist. Maybe fairfax's allegiance to the King of England seperates him from the "independence" minded jefferson. Also, last I checked, it was the University of Virginia, not jefferson university.


Equity, though, BROWN SHIRT. Equity. You can't pick and choose when you enforce equity. Quit being obtuse about it and cherry picking your righteous outrage. It's tiresome.

john brown

I think any cherry picking has been done by you chup/tRump 2020. I could give a rats ask what thehy do to jefferson's name at the University of Virginia. Again, it is not named thomas jefferson university... you create your own controversies, how entertaining


Hush, coward

john brown

And no one is saying fairfax can not be mentioned or named in anything dealing with the community college...he is a part of history, no doubt. Chup, change really seems to get your undies in a twist. This name change was/is for the better. Get over it and move on to your next right wing crusade.

john brown

"The publisher of Brown’s book may issue an errata."...may? If what you propose is true about the slave holder fairfax, Mr. Thomson, why "may issue". Who really has concrete evidence of the history of that period? So many lies were told and continue to be told about the slave era and the confederacy. Fairfax raping his slaves would not be surprising. The third president jefferson made a practice of raping his slaves.


Thank you John Brown!

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