Claims about WMC unfounded

I was surprised to read Dr. Andrew White’s misinformed claims about Winchester Medical Center in his Open Forum regarding Juneteenth in Monday’s edition.

Dr. White’s accusations are unfounded and do not represent the priorities of our organization or the facts that are readily apparent. A complete listing of our physicians is available at I invite members of the community to visit this page to judge for themselves.

At Valley Health, we are committed to providing a welcoming environment for employees, physicians and patients, without regard to their race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual identity. We celebrate the diversity of our team, and we are eager to welcome more exceptionally qualified physicians to serve our community by improving health.

Mark S. Nantz President and CEO, Valley Health System

Mark S. Nantz

President and CEO, Valley Health System

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Old Western Man



So if you're going to have an open heart operation what's the first thing you want to know about your surgeon? Why, skin color of course, or as it's evolving today, skin tone! He/she may not be ______ enough? Maybe sexual orientation too. Farther down the list might be qualifications, but who knows.

john brown

Written like a well heeled CEO of a "for the highest profit" health care facility. My observations of the hospital's diversity differ from the ceo's eyes. But hey, he truly gets paid the big bucks to push the company line.


It’s time to stop talking about it and start behaving accordingly. This is the “United” States of America. We are a mix of many people from many nations and white people need to get over themselves. In our near future, they will no longer be the majority.


We are curious about the writer of the editorial. We knew a Dr. White some years back through a practice in Front Royal. We later heard he was with a practice in Winchester. Although he is certainly entitled to his opinion/position on this, we are simplly curious.


"White people need to get over themselves" is kinda racist..

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