The theory of human motivation, “Maslow’s’ hierarchy of needs,” has now been discarded in our country like any other theory that promotes individualism, freedom, and the process to achieve human excellence.

Within just two days, the new administration through 30 executive orders has deliberately restructured the five phases of Maslow’s theory to just two basic needs: physiological and security. The federal government will now tell what to do and how to think by coddling you with federal programs. On face of it, this feels good, but a deeper, introspective review reveals the dismantling of our human innate desire to self-actualize. Gone from the equation will be the need for humans in America to seek a sense of belonging, esteem needs and the ultimate state of self-actualization, aka self-fulfillment.

Sad commentary, because the greatness of our county has been defined by great men and women before us that demonstrated dedication and intestinal fortitude for the good of others. The likes of a Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr., Dwight Eisenhower, Harriet Tubman, Thomas Edison, and Frederick Douglass will no longer exist. All six of these individuals reached self-actualization through the process of hard work and a vision/desire to improve the lives of their fellow man.

Unfortunately, this subversive process has already started and will convince the gullible that they are better off relying on the federal government to meet their needs. The rest of us must continue to seek self-actualization to improve our life and preserve human dignity.

David Eddy


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Well, Mr. Eddy, I’m sure as a child you walked 10 miles each way to school, barefoot, uphill, (both ways) and in the snow. And there were bears. If you worked for the government or a nice company, you had a very cushy health plan which was subsidized and ultimately paid for by the customers and/or taxpayers. You are on social security and Medicare that are both heavily subsidized programs. If you lived in the path of a hurricane and your house was severely damaged, you’d be the first to shriek that FEMA isn’t moving fast enough.

You get the picture? Sometimes we all need and receive a little handout. That’s why we pay taxes so when we are in need, the money’s there. Yet you would crush the poor and struggling and call them worthless moochers. Just because they’re poor doesn’t mean they don’t work. They just don’t earn much but, like the well heeled, they also pay taxes.

Billie Mac

There is no provision in the United States Constitution for "handouts".


As usual, Bernie, you missed the point.

Billie Mac

As usual, you lied.

Billie Mac

These Democrats consider gender transition a great accomplishment.


It's easy to talk about "self-actualization" from a position of privilege.


Born on third, thought he hit a triple...

Catherine Giovannoni


Spock Here

I think you seriously underestimate what "great" is. And you insult us all. Assuming people are just going to roll over and suck the teat is so very outdated. You need to get out more


We are still a great country filled with great men and women of dedication and courage. Why would you think differently?

Teach your children that they aren’t the center of the universe, there are people greater, smarter than they are, and some people who may need help, and life involves hard work. After all, Edison said,”opportunities are missed because they wear overalls and look like work.”

Doc Samson

The Left thinks it can create a steady state "utopia". Welfare for all, free (re)education, no worries, no struggles, just chillin' on the gov't dime. They will never understand human nature nor ever admit that adversity is what pushes us to be creative, motivated, and feel a sense of self-worth. Being "given" stuff creates a sense of entitlement, overcoming hardships creates a healthy ego.




How odd. David would.prefer to project his childhood issues onto his kids, making a circle of struggles. Funny, I thought parents were supposed to make their children feel safe, not punished for existing in a slightly easier time.

I guess the parenting misfires aside, thia was really a jab at the welfare queens. Again, it's always precious when someone says their struggle counts more than those who may have less than them.

How Christian....

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