It appears to me that the Supreme Court's recent decision ending the Biden administration's efforts to mandate vaccinations or testing and masks for all employees of large companies is inconsistent with its likely decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade. If the judiciary is concerned with the protection of human life, then allowing the Biden administration to make decisions in the interest of public health makes sense.

With its ruling against the Biden administration, the court is establishing an anti-life stance. With every new American death due to the COVID-19 virus, the Supreme Court bares some responsibility. So-called "personal choice," which the Court seems to be about denying women regarding their reproductive rights, is being championed by the court on behalf of those who truly do not care that their decision not to be vaccinated can cause endless suffering and death of their family member, friends and neighbors. I don't believe for an instant that this is what the founders had in mind when creating this republic.

Bo Walton

Frederick County

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Spock Here

I agree that the private industry mandate was too broad but do believe this is a time when desperate measures were called for. This court will be relying on its own, or lack therof, knowledge, and not science. After all, they have mandates where they work so are safe, and have now ensured they won't be cared for by unvaxxed medical workers should they need hospital care. Plus, the backlogs of care will have eased.


Maybe the court's decision had more to do with the unconstitutionality of the Biden mandate on private businesses over your political preference?!?

Catherine Giovannoni


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