The recent Open Forum, "Not Enough Guns," was a real humdinger. Buried in the sarcasm and misinformation were some good ideas.

First, training young people in the proper use of firearms as part of their public education would promote gun safety in general. It is far more sensible to have young people learn to respect a firearm through proper training, than for kids to spend countless hours playing ultra-violent video games that depict mass killings.

Another good idea would be to abolish Gun-Free Zones, which really are only places where law abiding citizens are disarmed and vulnerable, like the building in Virginia Beach where the recent killing spree took place.

The absurd lie that Dave LaRock, who in my opinion is an outstanding leader, wants people to have grenades, bazookas, and anti-tank weapons reflects very poorly on his opponent, Mavis Taintor. The Taintor campaign conducted phone surveys to test a whole range of deceitful statements to use against Del. LaRock. Now, through a few people who drink her Cool-aid and promote those lies, the Taintor campaign seeks to taint LaRock's record. That is dirty politics.

Just to put people at ease, federal law does not allow things like an anti-tank gun to be owned for non-military uses. The ones you see in front of the VFW and American legion are inert or non-functional. Likewise, live grenades and bazookas cannot be legally owned.

I think most people are fed up with wannabes like Mavis Taintor who hide behind the surrogates they use to attack good people like Del. LaRock.

Charles D. Markert


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I didn't even realize that the original article was "tongue-in-cheek" until about the third paragraph, for as you point out - ALL young adults should be taught firearm safety & responsibility, and the ONLY defense to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun...….Virtually ALL Vermonters, as but one example, carry: gun violence/mass shootings? Virtually none. Case closed.




When the 2nd Amendment was written, the term "arms" meant muskets. If the amendment is an open ended right, then why not grenades, bazookas, tactical nukes in the mix?


If our founding fathers were more like today’s liberals, we would all be British.


Yeah really, why not?


There are laws in place for gun control. Enforce them. Legal gun owners should be teained but most of all be safe. Most mass shootings have occurred in gun free zones. Children need to be taught safety and respect for firearms just like knives, hammers, axes and any other object that could kill someone. Guns dont kill by themselves, someone has to pull the trigger. Everyone who post here already know how I feel about gun control and firearm ownership by legal means.


I guess we should get rid of computers as well for writing. You know the pen and paper was in place when the constitution was written.


It's true: The written word however you "convey" it is distorted and mangled by the left on a daily basis. The party of "tolerance" censors words, language, and thoughts & indoctrinates the young and naïve with penned perversity 'round the clock. Hmmm.....guess the Founding Fathers would never have guessed it.


A shot from a 75 caliber musket is nothing to sneeze at. Someone used to using one could get off 4 shots a minute.

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