Today's "cancel culture" of our history, being espoused by many, is only going to divide us further. Judging people in the past via the lens of today's values can be very blinding. Instead of erasing this history, why can't we more readily hold our head up high and look at the targeted schools, monuments, and street names as a way to remember from where we have come and how much further we can go, together?

Our country survived a Revolutionary War, a brutal Civil War with over 600,000 killed, two World Wars, as well as countless other conflicts. During all of this history, an entire race of our fellow citizens have risen from the ashes of slavery to positions their ancestors could only have dreamed of. They are doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, preachers, business owners, professional athletes, astronauts, historians, mayors, governors, congressmen and women, senators, secretary of state, U.S. attorney general, and Supreme Court justices. Finally, reaching the highest position of all, president of the United States. What a success story. This wasn't accomplished by forgetting the past, but rather from remembering it, building on our foundation of faith, and a hard fought struggle.

Don't cancel history by tearing things down and further dividing us. Continue to work together to better all lives while never forgetting the sins of our past!

John S. Campbell


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It's funny that he says history is being cancelled. I have yet to be informed by Minitrue that my library needs to be committed to the memory holes. I haven't received words from UVa that I need reeducation on my degree.

That's because history is not being "cancelled". People are reevaluating what deserves to be honored.


They tear down the statures for the faults of men. But the statures were put up for the good they did.

Doc Samson

@DavidSparkman - Don't you know that only Leftist racists are allowed nowadays. Just like the medieval Catholic church, you only get to "carry on, nothing to see here" if you renounce (or ignore) your sins AND embrace the agenda. Any Leftists out there care to prove me wrong?

Doc Samson

Aaaand apparently the answer is a resounding "no".


What good did they do?



Doc Samson

Yeah, your own "run away" tactic used against you. Imagine that...


What good did Confederates do, Sparky?

Doc Samson

Stats, Bry, I need stats, remember? You made some claims about firearms and crime, remember? Oh, what's that? You don't remember? Well, don't worry, Bry, Pepperidge Farm remembers...


Monuments are not history, they are the symbols of pride, a choice about what to be proud of. Why would we want to be proud of or past sins? History is not forgotten by removing symbols, chosen in the past for sins that were not thought to be sins by our ancestors. We are simply correcting the errors and poor judgement of our ancestors who considered those sins praiseworthy and prideful. Sins (slavery and fighting for it) should not be forgotten, but should be shameful and embarrassing - unworthy of monuments and statues.

Bernie Mac

You are a fool! Most soldiers fight for their home, family and friends. This was especially the case during the Civil War. That is not a sin. So glad you don't live here. You belong in DC with the other fools.

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