It is always amazing how easily people are manipulated by evil politicians. We chased Russia interference for two years, another year chasing various other foreign conversations while ignoring the clear cut cases of Democrat wrongdoing. And now we have a white power event with Trump flags, well covered by the press. Can't anyone see that this is a deliberate attempt by the left to take away the good Trump has done in jobs, prison reform and winning the support of Black leaders? It is not real folks. It is a deliberate operation by very evil people on the left to try to discredit and misrepresent the good Trump has done. Don't let them press your panic buttons! That is what the left does.

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Oh my Gawd....i never thought i’d see the day that the river Nile ran smack through the center of winchester. Laughing so hard....thank you for this hilarious letter. It made my day. Your good. I could almost hear Lee Greenwood singing in the distance. More jokes please, these are hard times and we all need to laugh.

Spock Here

He is well paid by Vlad

Ken Kovach

My friend in Canada said the following about Trump just the other day:

Let's pray that saner heads prevail and you guys don't re-elect him. He's the worlds joke!


Well in the censored atmosphere of Canada, they don't get the other side of the story. But they are rejecting their current government. They too are seeing how leftists are destroying their country.

Doc Samson

Well, if Canadians don't like him... lol...

Spock Here

So the "left" held his hand on the tweeter and forced him to push the send button? The man is simply the best at discrediting himself. It's almost like he's trying to lose.....

Next will be "Hillary behind Trump's failure."


So that one tweet made quickly defines a lifetime of not being racist? Your bias, or perhaps just ignorance of human nature is showing.

Spock Here

You have to know it is not "one tweet" The man was a slumlord who targeted blacks, then there is the well documented full page ad regarding the now exonerated Central Park 5. The "very fine people" in Charlottesville. His anti brown immigrant policies. It's your racist bias that, once again, is showing, Sparky. You continue to look foolish over your defense of this traitor.


Why is this letter unsigned? Who is the author? Overnight by the STAR? Or..... ?


That was a posting error. In the other version of the Star, my name is given as author. It is getting so that more than half of the news cannot be believed. It is just a political operation to win the election, and as Machiavelli taught "the end justifies the means". Lies are an except able practice for the Left. None of Trumps actions have shown him to be a racist. Appointments, hiring, the prison reform bill, job creations etc all show he is not the type of person that the Dimocrats (they are dim) portray him as. The fact that he is winning support among blacks, and Hispanics bothers the dims so much that they have to lie to create negative stories.

Whistle Dixie

The globalist cabal have grown extremely worried over the data that Admiral Mike Rogers captured while at the NSA. Now that Admiral Rogers has been fully interviewed by John Durham with all of the incriminating evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the Obama administration, the planned coup has only worsened. To further their worries, recently discovered Strzok "notes" have implicated both Obama and Biden in their push for FISA illegal spying on Trump. Durham's indictments will be announced soon, thus the push for Covid lockdowns based on intentional wrong advice from globalists, the ensuing destruction of the American economy from Covid, and the race-war being helped along by Democrat city Mayors to create the impression that it's all Trump's fault. This isn't because of Covid or the sudden worldwide reactions to George Floyd, it has all been the intentional takedown of President Donald Trump and the USA. (Cue the mindless Leftist child-cult now...)

Doc Samson

@ShawFamily - I hope you are right but have serious doubts that anything will come of it other than a few minor scapegoats getting (very light) slap on the wrist.

Spock Here

Is calling you a wacko-bird "leftist child-cultist"? Asking for a friend

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