On Nov. 30, 1993, President Bill Clinton signed the Brady Bill, which required a five-day waiting period for handgun purchases and background checks of prospective buyers. This was in the "Today in history" section of The Winchester Star yesterday.

I just read that Virginia does not require a waiting period for a firearm purchase. What good does the Brady Bill do in Virginia? If it had been in effect, those people who were murdered in cold blood at Walmart might be alive today.

I read a bit on this, and it seems that it is an issue between federal law and state's rights. If Virginia and other states would be willing to allow the enforcement of the waiting period and background checks, many innocent people might still be alive today. Think about it.

Ruth Folger 

Stephens City 

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Doc Samson

Oh, the outrage based on being completely wrong! [lol] Never ceases to amaze and amuse!



Oh, and the Colorado shootings at the lgbtq club have also been proven to be done by one of their own, rather than the narrative pushed by the MSM so vehemently until now. Now, just crickets from the MSM. https://www.foxnews.com/media/nbc-abc-silent-pivot-colorado-shooting-coverage-new-details-emerge-shooter [lol][lol][lol][whistling][whistling][whistling][rolleyes][innocent]


I saw where over 400 people per year die from carbon monoxide poisoning. There needs to be stricter control of carbon monoxide. NOW!!! Think of the children!!




Oh, no! Carbon monoxide, too? Obviously, we must ban carbon!

Spock Here

''Let's do nothing" doesn't seem to be working so well.


It amazes me how high the tolerance threshold is for gun massacres in this country. It's always heartening to read a dissent.


Yeah, those guns go running around killing people left and right all by themselves.[innocent]




Would a required waiting period prevent murders of impulse? That's a good question. But it should be paired with the question of whether waiting periods cause gun murders in situations where people come under immediate threat from, say, a stalker or from criminals released without bail seeking to eliminate witnesses (for example).

Old Western Man


Considered and rejected. How many victims from a waiting period when all they had was a restraining order?

Mr Incredible

There are already background checks conducted on every firearm purchase in the country. In a case like the WalMart shooter, there was either nothing in the check to see or the FBI, which is the agency that conducts the checks, didn't do their job. The latter wouldn't shock me at all.

Catherine Giovannoni


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