This past Sunday, my wife and I drove down to Washington, D.C., as it has been months since we were last down there. What we saw broke our hearts. The White House was completely fenced off from the public as was the Old and New Executive Office buildings and you could no longer enter Lafayette Park. Traveling down toward the Capitol was even more terrible. High double fencing, topped with razor wire surrounded the entire complex, including the Senate and House office buildings, the roads in front of the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress.

I served my country in uniform for over forty years in an effort to ensure its liberty and yet Washington, D.C., looked like an armed camp. Believe me, I hated the events that took place on January 6th as much as the vast majority of the public on both sides of the political spectrum. But I feel that the word is out, loud and clear that this should never have happened and those that took part are presently being hunted. It is dubious in my mind that there are "insurrectionist" waiting around in the bushes to attack again. It is TIME to take down the fences, the double walls, the razor wire, the military truck barriers, the guards, the rifles, etc. and return to a normal living. It is time to return THEIR Capitol to the people of the United States and return the National Guard to their homes. Let's stop being paranoid.

Col. Duke Stanton


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Hey winchester star look at all these comments. Do u know 3 of them all from different names are bryan nuri. They are saying that whites should be fenced. It's racist. If the molester nuri can say this can we say it's OK to heard according to culture?


The fence is up because the left knows what's coming when they try and take our guns. Mr dementia will step aside along with most of the soilders that the left has dispared. If what the left is doing is ok then take the fence down. If the fence is kept up can a business owner construct a fence to keep blm out? Seems fair. I mean u libtards are always about being fair right? Lol the war is coming.

john brown

The fence is up to prevent another attempted coup by white nationalist traitors to this nation. Those white nationalist nut cases are still out there and until we jail and prosecute a sufficient number of these treasonous bigots the fence will stay in place. Our mistake was not shooting a sufficient number of these traitors on January 6th.


So we can shoot BLM as well?

August West

I think it all depends on if the liberal elite's gun grab push they've been threatening/promising. If they try to dismantle the 2A (as proposed) I'm certain that there will be a lot of backlash and that is why the fences are still up troops still deployed.

Hopefully their blatantly unconstitutional proposals will fail and the nation can avoid going from the frying pan into the fire.

Spock Here

Ah, yes, the "liberal elite's gun grab push" that's been going on how many years? Obama gonna get da guns!! Hilry will get da guns!! These slack-jawed, blank eyed wannabe "gun victims" are the scary ones, I'm thinking of getting a gun to defend from them. Hopefully these lobotomy victims will back off our democratic republic and drool about another fantasy for awhile.

August West

Ah yes the notion that for self defense, a "gun free zone" sign is more effective than actually having a gun for protection. Very woke.

Doc Samson

Welcome to Democratic Opposite Land, August! It'll make you laugh, cry, and give you an insight into just how incapable of rational thought they really are...


Ah yes, the notion that owning a gun makes one safer. Apparently a “gun free zone” is 4.5% more effective, at least in this study.

Let me guess, this news source is too woke, but you have a link to some real truths on


The fences and military are in DC for one reason. A projection of force by the dictatorship of the socialist democrats. Welcome to the Divided States of America.....Buckle up, lock and load! Also, buy a gun..


Journey2MtnsofIgnernce advises us to: Buy a Gun Buy a Gun Buy a Gun Buy a Gun Buy a Gun Buy a Gun Buy a Gun Buy a Gun!! Kill your friends and co-workers, murder police officers and anyone not completely duped by the Piper's tune of your demented, authoritarian, hate filled bully boy dictator wannabe. Why have Democracy when armed domestic terrorism can dominate, intimidate and force the tyranny of your minority cult of the absurd onto a nation fed up with the Charlatan in Chief's lies and duplicity?

This month's Scientific American carries a cover article by Aldon Morris on how Social Justice Movements Succeed. The need to advance and evolve social justice cannot be accomplished with violence, because you can't fight hate with more hate. Conservative efforts to smother democratic voices through voter suppression, gerrymandering, legislative shenanigans, and ultimately insurrection and revolt are doomed to failure. Rather, it requires a spiritual as well as strategic commitment with sufficient resources to prevent the powerful elite from preserving the social, political, and economic status quo. In Morris' words: "Wherever injustice exists, struggles will arise to abolish it. . . We must face the challenge of keeping pace with these movements as they develop . . . but we must do more, we need to run faster, to illuminate the paths that movements should traverse in the journeys to liberate humanity."

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So you’ve figured us out. I knew a genius mind like yours would unravel the truth in no time. After dressing up BLM protesters in Trump gear and storming the Capitol, our ruse to build fencing to “project force by the dictatorship” that is the socialist Biden cabal has been exposed by gun rights’ mega-enthusiast, Journey2goremountains. And to think we almost got away with it, if it weren’t for you pesky Republican kids and your Q clues. Were Scooby and Shaggy in on the high jinx as well? Crickeys! Foiled again (tin-foil-hat foiled, but foiled nonetheless).

Spock Here

[beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam] They don't call him Inspector Gadget for nothing.


With all due respect, and thank you for your service, it is not “Paranoia” but rather (sadly) reality. Until Trump accepts the loss and the GOP stands up to him this is what we’ve got. There’s Q-Anon rumblings that Trump will take over on March 4th and apparently the Trump hotel has raised rates around this date in anticipation of “visitors” at that time. Interesting...


Col Stanton, you knew the fences and soldiers were there, why did you feel the need to sightsee? Remember, domestic terrorists are throwing around March 4th because that use to be Inauguration Day. Being cowards, I doubt they take on real soldiers.

Nevertheless, they are out there and they’re vicious, focused, and loud and Trump continues to throw gasoline on the fire. As long as local Republican officials, as well as those at the state and national level keep shrieking stolen election lies and conspiracies, Trump’s base of simple minded voters will continue to believe.

With over 500,000 dead, a sinking economy, people without work, food, and risk of losing shelter, you’d think 🤔 there would be enough to occupy people. Oh, you Trump Cult of Lies and Conspiracies members out there, when you receive President Biden’s stimulus check be sure to return it to the treasury. You wouldn’t want to be tainted by an illegitimate government.

john brown

The fence went up to prevent another coup by the right wing racists tRumpsters and there are still many of them out there in the gutters.


So when do these ‘enforcers’ get to go home?

Most folks are used to seeing the dictators in South America surrounded by their palace guard but in the U.S?

I need to look up an old term that might apply here: Posse Commitatus (sp.).

Spock Here

Trump turned the US into Vennezuela in 4 short years. Just like that, we became "shthole country for a day." Special day, wasn't it?

Spock Here



So can we herd up the blm movement with a fence bryan nuri?


I too hope the fencing can come down. I wish we could put a fence around the bad, dangerous, and false ideas and beliefs that made the fence necessary. How do we protect ourselves from q-anon? From the false stop-the-steal claims and the trumpeters who believed his lies and followed his directions to stop the democratic process? Please, where is THAT fence? Where is THAT wall?


Can we fence in blm? Seems fair....


Thank you for your letter and concern, Col. Stanton. Being from Berryville, you appear to be geographically close by to Mr. Caldwell, the insurrectionist, who hosted a meeting recently in his home that we all want to know more about. I understand that you are concerned about the fencing at the Capitol, but before that comes down, can you please ask around town and find out what you can about who was at that meeting, and what exactly was discussed??? The FBI and other law enforcement are all over it, including the soon-to-be commission that will deep-dive into the details, but the suspense is killing us all. Just a hint, please. Was LaRock there? Anyone else from the Clarke county or Frederick county Republican party??? We are just BESIDE ourselves waiting to find out....

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