One of the most redeeming qualities of our democracy is the opportunity provided us to choose our leadership through the election process. If a candidate isn't performing up to standards, is involved in corruption, or simply a retiring incumbent; we the people possess the right to evoke change.

As our political system becomes more polarizing and unpredictable, it's important to remember we are selecting someone to "lead" in his or her position and make decisions in the best interest of our entire community. This is even more important when selecting those who fill our constitutional offices — Sheriff, Commonwealth's Attorney and Clerk of Court. These positions are critical to the fabric of democracy and, in our opinion, should never be politicized.

Always keep in mind that we have the right to choose those individuals who possess the experience, integrity, and understanding of the community to hold such esteemed offices regardless of party affiliation. That is why we ask you to join us in our support of Lenny Millholland for Frederick County sheriff.

Lenny's four decades of service to this community, in many capacities, makes him an ideal choice to lead as sheriff. We are confident Lenny will serve our community with professionalism, honesty, and a dedication to fair and prudent justice.Be sure to visit the polls on Nov. 5 and cast your vote for Lenny Millholland for Frederick County sheriff.

Jim & Kim Stutzman

Frederick County

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Does this author impune the reputation of Al Siebert, number two in the Winchester Police Department? Al and others have left the Sheriff's department over mismanagement and now helps run the Winchester Police Department. He is extremely well qualified to tighten up the Sheriff's department. In addition, he is very experienced in drug crime having served on the Area Drug Task Force and knows how to quickly get a handle on our drug problems.


Siebert is with the Winchester Sheriff's Office, not the Winchester Police Department. He was hired by a Sheriff, both of whom attend the same church. Read into the letter whatever you want.


Mr. Millholland has already “retired” once as Sheriff. I think we need to let him “retire again”. It is Time for a Change. I think we need a candidate that has the real experience to actually arrest the people that are victimizing our area. They have been let go unchecked while Mr. Millholland starts programs and drives around in the most expensive vehicle in the valley.


Yes, crime is rampant in Frederick County. One can hardly turn around without being raped or murdered. Lenny has the most expensive vehicle in the Valley? Really?


I personally believe when an elected official uses the weight of his office to endorse candidates and influence voters that the candidates need to have views most aligned to his constituents.

Mr Millholland says he is an Independent but he quickly endorsed Ralph Northam for Governor and Mark Herring for Attorney General in 2017. I do not think their views are consistent with the majority of Frederick County voter’s views. I hope every voter realizes Mr. Millholland must agree with their policies. I am supporting the other candidate.

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