Foundation unthinkably put a price on the priceless

Not too many Sundays ago, as my family walked along the trails at the MSV, we spoke about our fortune to live in a community where such a place exists. The sun was shining and we spent a good 30 minutes looking at a new installation carved out of wood. We looked for joints in the wood, we talked about what it was and what it might mean, we touched it, we walked around it. We viewed this piece of public art the way that any gallerist would want a piece to be viewed and in doing so, our family became a little closer, a little more present.

How lucky we are to have a place like the MSV. A place that values history while evolving … a place where families and friends come together … a refuge … I don’t think it’s overstating to call the museum a refuge.

These words describe my feelings about the museum. I guarantee you that there are innumerable residents of the city who feel similarly passionate about the value it brings to our community. A value that can’t not be quantified.

So, I will say that it came as a shock when I found out that the Glen Burnie foundation had done just that. They had quantified the value of the museum and its properties … in dollars and cents.

Apparently, the monetary value of a parcel of land is worth more than all the community’s words and feelings … Money means more than the mission of the foundation.

Jessica Westman Winchester

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The Pibbster

I don't believe the trails are located on this obscure property to be sold.


If it is being offered publicly than the public is welcome to purchase it and place it in permanent easement. Otherwise know it takes a great deal of money to keep a resource like that in the community. Make sure to support them financially in accordance with your ability and your appreciation.



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