Frederick First hereby formally endorses Rebecca “Becky” Hogan for Frederick County Circuit Court clerk.

Ms. Hogan started working in the clerk’s office in 1970 under George Whitacre and finished out his term when he passed in 1997. She is currently in her 26th year as the clerk of courts and has done a phenomenal job.

She has our full support for another term and we appreciate her hard work and her loyal staff. Frederick First candidates recognize the character and quality of the person, not a political party. Visit

Gary Oates

Frederick County 

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Voters do need to consider political party because this area is saturated with republicans who think they know better than their constituents. These republicans also stoke discontent for the heck of it. Discontent sows division, anger, and ugly board meetings with the public. Check all candidates out for party leanings before voting. Democrats are better at compromise.

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