I've been following with interest the local reaction to some of our county Supervisors calling for the county to become a "sanctuary" for the Constitution. I don't remember hearing quite so much wailing and gnashing of teeth when many states and localities across the country declared themselves sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, but i guess that's different, right?

In a letter in Monday's paper, a resident says we need to be "afraid" of our Board of Supervisors (who, by the way, just happened to be elected by the residents of the county). These infernal businessmen, lawyers, fire/rescue workers, and "the such" certainly have no business representing the citizens who elected them, do they?

And the fact that these "scary" elected Supervisors actually feel that some of the tyrannical laws and edicts coming down from Richmond and Washington are not Constitutional; well, it's like they must think that oppressive tyrant Donald Trump is still in office, or something.

How dare the people of Frederick County elect these people to look after our rights? How dare they have opinions on the constitutionality of laws and what's to be taught in our schools! They should get back to important things like, I don't know, cutting ribbons, granting zoning exceptions, and rubber-stamping school board budgets. Just not worrying about our Constitutional rights, that's just crazy talk.

Phil Kelly

Lake Frederick

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john brown

Just keep these nut jobs, portraying themselves as "statesmen", out of Winchester City. These wannabe whatevers, who knows anymore, are toxic and just beyond full of their own ignorance. They would be laughable if their antics did not affect real people. Do yourselves a favor good people of Frederick County and rid yourselves of this level of proud ignorance in the next elections.

Chris 22602

The Constitution has a balance of powers, executive, legislative, and judicial. The judicial decides what’s constitutional, that’s government 101.

Catherine Giovannoni


Doc Samson

Excellent response! Naturally, Prog-Leftists will have none of it because... double standards, projection, unfettered hypocrisy, and hysterical hyperbole towards anything that bunches their undergarments are their only values and tactics.


I will state this now but no more in the future. You have no argument so you partake in childish tantrums and vicious name calling. Just like Trump.

I will no longer engage you. If my fellow liberals and Democrats elect to engage you that is their right. I view it as a waste of time. I raised 5 children and no longer wish to expose myself to childish tantrums and behavior. Bye 👋 Bye ✌️


@Doc - She said the same to me a month or so ago. haha. She broke her promise. Our local socialist drone needs an update.

Doc Samson

They can't stop the blatant hypocrisy because that's all they have, i.e. claiming to be virtuous and appalled at all the name calling while doing that exact thing in the same post AND not being able to acknowledge it. They are mentally unhinged but I love that they are fully out of the closet and loudly/proudly proclaim their "high horse" fascistic values and morals. [beam]

Doc Samson

Congrats on taking a stand! I hope you stick to it... [thumbup]


Their job, Mr. Kelly, is to represent all their citizens not just Trump supporters. They have aligned themselves with the Cult of Lies and Conspiracies. That isn’t their job. Their job is to stay in reality and serve this county and not frolic in a Fantasy Land of Lies with Tinkerbell calling the shots.

Doc Samson

Blah, blah, blah. Again. Double standards to live by, amiright, oh Queen of Fantasyland? [lol]


Cult of Lies and Conspiracies is the news media and social media which are in COLLUSION with the White House and the Democrat party. This is illegal and it's not what America is about.


THe proper venue to determine if something is constitutional or not is in the courts. BOS members are not the deciders. Their high opinion of themselves reveals a tyrannical bent in themselves!

Catherine Giovannoni


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