Gerrymandering fuels tribalism

The Virginia Supreme Court is doing what the U.S. Supreme Court should be doing nationally — prohibiting the use of gerrymandering to distort a balanced representation of voters in every state and district.

This can only be achieved by making federal and state legislative districts as compact as possible. The result will be districts based on a random distribution of voters based only on their place of residence. Some districts will end up tilted significantly towards the Democrats, others tilted significantly toward the Republicans, and many much closer to the political center, where moderates and independents reside.

In the interest of political objectives and career advancement, the goal of both parties has been to eliminate as many districts dominated by centrists or members of the other party. Technology has enabled partisan state redistricting bodies to draw legislative district boundaries down to the block level in order to achieve the desired level of district dominance. The result has been the decline of moderate legislators at the state and federal levels. This has helped fuel the tribalism and bitterness in politics and undermined the ability of centrist legislators to promote compromises necessary to pass legislation. When all states are required to follow this procedure, with full timely transparency of all steps in every redistricting process, we will eliminate ideological bias against many voters and greatly improve the efficiency of both Congress and state legislatures.

Bruce Hahn


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Good stuff Mr. Hahn. I'll bet this isn't your first letter :-)


The two major problems with our nation, and the Constitution really doesn't address or protect us from either. The two-party system of electing our government officials and gerrymandering.


Well said and true Mr. Haha. Gerrymandering should be outlawed in all the land. Either SCOTUS or Congress should make it so. Compact, non-partisan districts are fairer, and will engender more compromise and equality. BRAVO to Virginia for not gerrymandering.


Correction: Mr Hahn. (sorry)


I find it LAUGHABLE when anyone tries to lecture about "tribalism" and fareness around voting district when for decades FEDERAL LAW has made it REQUIRED that gerrymandering be done in favour of creating minority majority districts in large cities. SO lecture away. Whilst one side bellyaches about perceptions its ACTUAL LAW that discrimnates in minorities favour. So spare us the moralising..oh sorry, virtue signaling. Cheers


I think you missed the point. Read it again slowly.

Old Western Man



Show us again where federal law requires gerrymandering...

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