Dear Donald Trump,

Thank you for your concern but I am an adult and I can handle the truth. In fact, I need it to help make the decisions necessary to keep my family safe. Let ME make that choice.



Ann Wigley

Frederick County

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If this pandemic has shown nothing else, it has shown that the libertarian ideal is a dream. People, when left to their own devices, will only do what is best for them. Tens of thousands of years ago, when society barely existed, this was tolerable; today, however, selfishness is unconscionable.

"I don't care who else gets sick, Imma do what a wont!"


I saw an ad for the Trump smoke detector. It stays silent so nobody panics.


Where can I get one of those? I don't want to panic if my house burns down.


"Real leaders" in many other countries, including our neighbor Canada, managed to tell the truth to their citizens without sparking panic. And, as a result, have much lower infection and mortality rates.

Whistle Dixie

We already know how Joey Biden will handle an extreme situation:

"When you're appealing to people's fears and anxieties, you can make some gains."

Joe Biden


And yet here’s a glimpse of what your cult leader was up to over the weekend....

“Over the weekend, he railed against cases of voting fraud that didn’t exist, asserted that COVID-19 was “rounding a corner” despite what his top health advisers say and blasted Joe Biden for supposed positions on energy and health care that his Democratic rival doesn’t hold.” AP FACT CHECK: Trump's torrent of falsehoods


Spock Here

And held an indoor rally full of maskless wonders. Sorry that Herman Cain couldn't make it.


Every country has a different infection/mortality rate. I dare say that if our country had heeded the initial lack of concern from your candidate and entire party, we would have been in much worse shape here.


As I recall Democrats were so busy focusing on impeaching Trump, the virus wasn't even worth mentioning. After that didn't remove him they moved on to the virus, racism & riots. Yes, lots of integrity in that party. God forbid a man who wasn't a politician become President. There goes all their cushy jobs & lifestyles.

What infuriated the Dems, a slogan of making America great, that should tell you how they feel about America.

It's obvious the covid is still here, & just like the flu, most of us will get it, with non life threatening results. Really all anyone has done is prolong the inevitable.

Spock Here

Thank goodness we could learn from those leaders and scientists..and cold comfort that potus isn't stupid, he's just a liar......

Bernie Mac

Real leaders don't create panic.

On the other hand, Democrats thrive on chaos, fear and panic. Democrats support riots, arson and looting.


Must be why so many Florida governors don't warn them about impending hurricanes...

Good work, Goat Boy. Get some courage and change the fake name.

Bernie Mac

As I have explained to this man-child many times - Democrats are a violent bunch. If i revealed my true identity, I have no doubt that this man-child would attack my wife and children. That's who they are. Democrats are violent sociopaths.


Democrats a violent bunch?? Dr. Fauci didn't toe the Trump BS line and now he and his family have security protection. Project much?


Right right... I can't remember the last time I saw a Democrat screaming because they couldn't carry a gun somewhere...

Again, anonymity suits you. It shows your lack integrity.

Spock Here

Gee Bern, paranoid much? succumbing to the Trump Fear Parade, which started on the escalator with the Rapist Immigrants, then came the Muslim Terrorists and the Migrant Caravans, and now we have Antifa and Radical Marxist BLM Leftists Invading the Suburbs. Maybe you should talk to a professional.

Spock Here

Didn't the third reich play classical music as the doomed went into the ovens, so they wouldn't panic? Yeh, great leaders.....


Nice touch. Perhaps address one to Mr. Biden as well?

Spock Here

Ok, but tell us what Mr. Biden has lied about that endangers our lives?

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