Gohmert’s twisted logic

Full Disclosure: I am a graduate of both T.C.U. and University of Texas Austin. When I attended these schools they were members of the old Southwest Conference, as was Texas A&M. The Aggies had a certain unenviable reputation amongst schools in the SW Conference. They were considered to be disagreeable rubes; you know, bumpkins.

That said, you will have heard that Representative Louie Gohmert, who represents Texas’s 1st Congressional District, has recently contracted the coronavirus. Louie, a notorious goober and a personal favorite of Trump, has long-eschewed wearing a face mask and vocally disputed the merits of wearing one. However, he recently succumbed to what I can only guess was a rare display of common sense or, perhaps, simply a decision made in the interests of self-preservation.

Whatever the basis of his reversal of past determination, Louie, aka, “Goober,” has tested positive for COVID-19.

However, Louie, never one to pass up an opportunity for spouting tortured logic and for displaying his penchant for gross stupidity, has stated that he contracted the virus because he was wearing a mask. That’s right, because he was wearing a mask! According to this logic, he would not have contracted the virus if he has stuck to his guns and persisted in refusing to wear a mask!

By the way, Louie is a graduate of Texas A&M. Ohh, and he’s a member of the Republick Party.

Michael Rea


Michael Rea


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Bernie Mac

What is "Republick Party"?

Spock Here

A "republick" party would be the other side of the aisle from the "dimocrat" party, who are also known as "libtards" "progressive socialist leftists" "radical leftists", and "marxist commies." Currently, "republicks" are made up of white evangelicals who are awaiting end times (right around the corner), so don't care if they pump this country down the sewer, They used to be the party of the middle class, which they destroyed, and the party of fiscal conservatism, also destroyed. Once the party of "family values," but now simply luddites and faux pro lifers. Tend to have brown noses and enjoy licking nuts. Hence "Repub lick"

Whistle Dixie

This spiteful Letter to the Editor was written to serve no other purpose than to mock and ridicule an outspoken Republican Congressman who has just contracted Coronavirus.

People understand that you believe Congressman Gohmert "deserves it."

Tell us something -- can we poke fun at the hideously extravagant Texas Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee if she contracts Coronavirus?

How about sexual predator, Texas Democrat Congressman Al Green? Can people ridicule him if he contracts Coronavirus?

No, you won't see that type of Letter to the Editor from a Conservative. That type of spitefulness is reserved for the Leftists.

Spock Here

Guess you haven't seen some of Leroy's....

Doc Samson

@Whistle - Given the turn the Star has taken, I'd be surprised if they would print it...


Calling people names is always an excellent way to win political arguments. Nyah nyah!


Do not disagree with the general sentiment but saw no need to slur Texas A&M. Sounds more like some hard feelings oozed out. Texas A&M has produced it's share of brilliant graduates and some less so. No different than TCU or UT.

Doc Samson

And? So Gohmert should've been wearing a mask. Apparently, Rea only detects right wing stupidity, which is too bad, because he's missing out on a lot of great material...


Spock Here

Gohmert is probably the dimmest bulb there is, but I have to say, since I've been called a ""libtard" communist socialist radical" whatever, that your "slang" is detrimental to your point.


I agree the “slang” and leaving the impression that graduates of Texas A&M are anything but smart was not needed. Some of the smartest maritime engineers have come out of Texas A&M.

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