Mr. O'Connor, have you no shame, sir? Your editorials and letters are biased so far right that they're gonna topple over any day now, and you will be spitting ashes out of your mouth for many moons.

Don't you give a damn about the United States? Is it really PK by you that our POTUS lies every time he speaks? You don't mind that his stupidity is leading our nation into ruin? It's alright for him to trample our Constitution, insult everyone, corrupt the powers he's been given, boast about things he hasn't done, obstruct the things he has done, cheat on his wife, suspiciously withhold his taxes, commit fraud, fire his whole staff if they don't agree with him, separate children from their parents, take food away from the poor, brag that he knows more than his military advisors even though he never served himself . . . and build a wall against "bring(ing) us your huddled masses yearning to be free?" You must be terminally ill, or a masochist to keep producing such inflammatory and inaccurate dribble on your editorial page.

Do you like to see the world in chaos because of him? Is that what it takes to sell your bag of c--p to the public? You sir, are just another blowhard sucking at the nipple of deception.

You need to sell your black soul and buy into a moral conscience, before the country and, yes, the world turn to nuclear dust.

Leave Nancy Pelosi alone, you swine! She's doing everything she can to stand up to this buffoon and save the country from dictatorship. She does more good for this nation in one day than what you have failed to do in your entire professional life. Grow a backbone and take a grasp at the sober truth. If you don't, then you are no better than him.

I'm nearly 70 years old, and a Vietnam veteran. I've been around since Truman, and this president, is by a light year, the worst scoundrel to ever darken the halls of the White House. Period. The sooner you catch on to this unique concept of truth, justice, and the American way, the sooner we'll all be past this tragedy. STOP POURING GAS ON THE FIRE, OR YOU WILL BE BURNED.

P.S. I already know you don't have the b---s to publish this. Your reputation is putrid.

David Locke


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Spock Here

Mr Locke, as a "leftist socialist political hack shill person" I understand what you are saying. But we muslim loving leftist socialist hack shills should try.....though it's hard many many rise above it. We don't always succeed, but we must try to be better than the talking heads who support a man who is lower than the earth. We must understand, they simply do not care....they are celebrating an America we thought we had left in the past. Who knew it would happen. Thank you for your service sir. It will get better, hopefully sooner rather than later. Can't go much lower than the dregs, right?


Well, Spock, the first step to recovery is recognizing you have a problem. I wouldn't go so far as to say such bad things about you as you have just said, but knowing you are a shill is a BIG step forward. The next step is to buy a copy of "Liberals Anonymous" and begin the 12 step plan to exit that delusional lifestyle.

Spock Here

Thanks but I'm not going back. While the smell over here isn't exactly roses, it smells better than the ooze you and others have stepped into


What we stepped in is what liberals leave behind everywhere they go, and it is knee deep and smells to high heaven.

Jim Matthews

I was going to make a post but I can see what I was going to say has been said I ditto all previous remarks.


You should have slept on this before actually sending it. Your letter is as malicious as anything Trump has ever tweeted.


I see no bias or reason for shame as I read the opinion page Mr. Locke but every reason to rejoice in a free thought process! Merry Christmas 😁😁


I heartily agree, beezydonald! Our friends accuse our President of the very crimes they commit in their rush to impeach. In essence, they have tried desperately to circumvent two elections: one in 2016 and one to come in 2020. Yes, let them speak too as the mind of voters they take for granted continue to see Democrat hypocrisy in full view.


Well, weak minds evidently run together.... the "have you no shame, sir" contingent have trotted out the party line. Keep printing Locke's letters...they show the real inward self of our local leftists. Thanks for the view: it is unpleasant but very instructive.


Maybe you need to grow some . Instead of dwelling on the negative that has not affected the USA focus on positive he has accomplished. I may not agree with everything he says and does, but he is our duly elected president. Democrats need to work with him, or they will be the ones spitting ashes

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