Recent legislation reversals compel me to speak up for those whose civil rights are being infringed upon. With the recent reversal of the protections of LGBT status persons by our regional government, I have to call into question those decision-making individuals who believe it is OK to overturn the civil liberties of their own citizens.

Some individuals in our community are entrusted with the power to lift our communities up as a shining example for others. With that power and authority, you have the responsibility to equally protect the communities that you represent. In not doing so, you condemn yourselves, your families, and our community with marginalizing persons for their identities, much like racial and gender discrimination that has been fought against for years.

Our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves. They fought and died fighting the tyranny of an unjust government who sought to divide people in both deed and thought. They sought out unity and equality for all in this country. You must search your souls and decide if you are supporting those ideals that our Constitution upholds or, are you shaming all that our forefathers fought for?

There are individuals in our community that have used faulty reasoning to say that granting civil rights to the LGBT community somehow infringes on the rights of others. That reasoning divides us as a community, and flies in the face of the ideals this country was founded on.

John Nagley


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Mr. Negley is correct. Our founders are rolling in their graves. The declaration of independence is clear. They set us up to begin stiving for equality and the progress we've made is being rolled back. Shame on them. Judge not least ye be judged.


I doubt the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves at this particular reason. More than likely they are rolling over in their graves at how we've abused what they have given us. It isn't about denying rights to others at all. It is about giving extra rights to some so that they may abuse the system.

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