Several years ago the editorial page of The Star included regular and noteworthy exchanges between two “ManMadeClimate” debaters.

One was a religious (and often belligerent) zealot in the “science” and “recently” noticed catastrophic threat posed by ManMadeClimate; the other one appeared to be better informed on solar/galactic history and seemed amused rather than seriously challenged by his adversary.

One of these two recently resurfaced with what many us Science Civilians had hoped might be a treatise on a new topic like ManMadeGravity, ManMadeTides or ManMadeInfinity but alas it was just a reprint from an old article with an added (surprising) endorsement of clean nuclear energy.

Many of us hope the rational writer of the two also resurfaces to keep us hopeful.

H Murray Shantz


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Far from being any sort of balanced debate, the astronomy community is wholly committed to climate change awareness and action. The position of the International Astronomy Union includes this: "Increases in anthropogenic carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have exacerbated climate change since the industrial revolution, and without mediation, we risk extreme and irreversible damage to life on our planet. The IAU calls on our community to develop, promote and implement specific actions to help achieve the aims of the 2016 Paris Agreement."

A search engine inquiry 'astronomy association climate change' produces over 10 million hits; over 95% reflecting the rational and compelling concerns regarding this impending environmental disaster. Rather than religious zealotry, the insidious but cumulative changes affecting our planet are a real and tangible indicator that we must act immediately to confront climate change.

Doc Samson

"Far from being any sort of balanced debate, the astronomy community is wholly committed to climate change awareness and action..."

Um, you just destroyed what actual science should be in your first sentence. Well done, Mr. Confirmation Bias/Cultural Appropriator!

Does the Pr0g-Left ever apply their own standards to themselves? Because I'm pretty sure if any old, white Con on here was using another cultures terminology for their screen name, we'd have you and yours deriding/shaming them all day long...


My comment is entirely appropriate and germane to Shantz's letter, which is obviously biased in favor of climate denial and offers a critical portrait of defenders of climate awareness. It stands to reason that favoritism towards the contrarian's grasp of "solar/galactic history" immediately begs the question why none of the authoritive, scientific astronomical societies recognize planetary wobble or sunspots or solar cycles as a prime determinant of global climate change. The answer is that CO2 and greenhouse gas pollution are the true culprits, not anything of astronomical character--backed up by so much evidence that to dispute the fact simply establishes the bull-headedness and lack of comprehension of the contrarians.

But it's not my goal to force these rational conclusions on the unwilling and unseeing. Suit yourself. Let me simply point out that most of the criticism of the deniers amounts to little more than the surly, uncooperative negativity usually reserved for unhygenic adolescents lacking in scholastic accomplishment and personal self-esteem.

Speaking of "Cultural appropriation" -- Again: What kind of doctor are you??


Thank you for a cogent comment, unlike the rambling, unhinged, derogatory comments of some pseudo-phd wannabes here.


Well-stated hagansan. Unlike the original Doc Samson, a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, depicted as a superhero and psychiatrist in the Marvel Universe.

The Doc Samson who comments in the Winchester Star is nothing like the fictional character and definitely not a superhero or psychiatrist. Just a right-wing GOP troll -- a creature without common sense or intelligence.

Spock Here

Thanks Dr. Hagan; always a pleasure to hear from someone who understands the science. Have a great holiday season.

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