The conservatives (Republicans) espouse the American way of life, church, family, charity and apple pie. They are intent on maligning the liberals (Democrats) claiming they are advocating the end of capitalism and transforming our economy into a twisted sense of socialism. If anyone who listens to the words spoken by the liberals, I think it is very clear that the far left is camouflaging their true goal. They are not simply just socialist. They are advocating a fascist economy. These fascist supporters have been hiding in the sewers of the defunct Nazi bunkers, quietly waiting for the opportunity to revive their agenda of tribalism.

This group's manifestations of tribalism can be seen as gangs of white, blacks, women, men, gays, Jesus freaks, liberals, conservatives all seek tribal protection. The commonality of these divisive groups is their chanting, not achieving, not thinking rationally, defaming outsiders, and zeroing in on the "now" as if there is no tomorrow.

The conservatives are not without misdirection. They are too timid to get into the fray between capitalism and forcefulness  of altruism. They claim their goals rest on faith, that freedom, justice, and individual rights can be achieved only by faith. The belief that faith is superior to reason. The Republicans are so intimidated by the liberals not maligning the wealth they have earned through capitalism that they accept the taunts of "shame on you" and promise to give their wealth away.

How can the U.S.A. survive with such a weak and befuddled government?

Terry Isham


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I feel the unity! lol Welcome to the Divided States of America! Buy a gun....

Ken Kovach

You say buy a gun? Is it because you are afraid too? Terry Isham’s letter is all about fear. His fear is a delusion and so is the idea that a gun will defend you. The real fear is there are people that harbor such delusional fear, touted by conservative media. They are among us, carrying concealed weapons, and not engaging in conversations.

Ken Kovach

While campaigning, John McCain once politely confronted a voter that went off the deep end. I greatly admired him for that. Terry Isham deserves the same respect. As outlandish as his opinions seem to me, I am glad he was brave enough to share his fearful thoughts, and I am glad the Star respected his freedom of speech and published it. Terry Isham, I believe the future looks bright and America is on the right path. Perhaps you need to subject yourself to more diverse media.


Golly, Mr. jimamerican, some of us just like truth. You may refer to it as “exaggeration, cliche, fear, and loathing.” I only see truth and that is the side I stand on.

Does Mr. Isham have a right to his opinion? Absolutely! That doesn’t mean he represents the truth and we have the same right to call him on it.




Mr. Isham's comments above and those of Blackhorsegirl below illustrate the problem of the great divide across the country. Intelligent people who disagree are using exaggeration, cliché, fear, and loathing to argue their positions. Please, all of you, consider commenting in civil, factual terms, both in the open forum and in online statements. Arguing past each other, name-calling, angry outbursts get us exactly nowhere.


Mr. Spock, you put a smile on my face. If life’s problems could be so easily fixed by switching to de-caff ☕️

Spock Here

Maybe switch to half-caff.....or read a book.


Catherine, I have sent “Letters to the Editor” complaining about articles just like this one. A few have been printed because I was “quiet and polite.”

If I became more like this writer who is “outraged, frothing at the mouth, spewing lies” they were not printed. There is definitely a double standard.

It’s also possible that smart Democrats are simply tired of the spitting nut cases of lies and conspiracies and don’t wish to engage them or waste their time. There are several who post here I will no longer engage. They’re a waste of my time.

Catherine Giovannoni

The Star should be ashamed to print this drivel. As this spittle-flecked missive makes clear, Republicans have nothing to offer Americans except more nutty conspiracy theories and lies about culture war grievances. Meanwhile, Democrats are getting shots in arms, reopening businesses, funding education, and building infrastructure. In just the past few days, families began getting their "Biden Bucks," -- money in their bank accounts to help feed their kids and pay for back-to-school expenses. Do better, Winchester Star.

Spock Here

Exactly Catherine [thumbup][thumbup]


Let’s not forget the child tax credit that will lift millions of kids out of poverty. What a leftist, radical idea!


Everyone has a right to express their views and opinions. The Star is doing what it should be doing. We have read far more unkind comments on here than the one printed today!!!!


Mr. Frame, are you getting into let’s not hurt anyone’s feelings? We’re long beyond that.

When you put out the kind of head spinning, mouth frothing, spittle spewing argument that Mr. Isham did, everyone has to have a tougher skin.




Republicans. Do. Not. Espouse . The. American. Way. Of. Life.

They represent rich white men. They tried to destroy the Affordable Care Act that benefited millions. They have no platform for the poor, hungry, homeless, mentally ill, veterans, aged. Golly, you Christians out there, remember Matthew’s 25th chapter. Have you even read it?

Their so called “Pro Life” stand is a lie. They don’t care about women, unborn babies, or babies at all. They lie and whisper these lies into gullible ears and raise money off it.

You supported a man for president who is a sociopath, a narcissist, a pathological liar, a racist and bigot, and a sexual predator. Please, tell me now that lines up with your so called Christian values. This man also considered coups, martial law, and bombing other countries to stay in power when he lost an election.

This president then appointed 2 Supreme Court justices: One a sexual predator and the other having been raised in a strange cult right out of the Middle Ages.

Be thankful for the government we have. The adults are back in the room and all this “far left radical” nonsense is just that. Nonsense.

Oh, did you, Mr. Isham, return your Covid relief check in protest? No? Golly, I bet you stampeded down good folks to get to the bank first and that money is long spent.

Each day I become more ashamed to be a Christian. What you conservatives are and do now is not what Jesus would have done.

Yes, be thankful we have a real government with people who know what they’re doing and not a bunch of wing nuts, Baby Trumps who couldn’t qualify for security clearances, liars and conspiracy theorists.

Running a government is the job for adults and now we have them.


BHG:: There certainly is no need to be ashamed to be a Christian. We are familiar with Mathew Chap. 25. People view faith in many different ways. However, we feel there is one way for us. Faith is like to many other things in life. If you want to know the truth, you will find it.


I didn’t explain myself well. Perhaps, it is the behavior of Christians including my own Catholic bishops that I have issues with. Please, please, please, don’t start in on the abortion issue. Like President Biden I am morally against abortion but neither the president nor I can dictate religious rules or morality on a population that doesn’t agree.

We often don’t see ourselves as others see us.

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