I remember a couple of years ago I called you because I thought one opinion piece you published was just vile, all name-calling and zero content. You asked me whether I would be against you printing something similar by a Democrat.

I hope you remember what my response was. Absolutely!

Uncivil discourse is nobody's prerogative. It should not be tolerated from either side or no side. So we have another example of such vileness in B.J. Evans' piece on Thursday. It is unbelievable to me that he can call a Purple Heart recipient a "cockroach." This is beyond the pale.

And if it were the only name-calling in the whole piece. No, it is choke-full of garbage throwing. Like a toddler throwing a fit and using all the bad words he/she knows. This piece is not contributing anything to the discussion of our current political predicament.

I am sorely disappointed to see this trash, for lack of a better word, printed. Is there a limit in your opinion or some sort of line one can cross, or could I hypothetically send you a piece with a curse word on every line, sign it "Irina Khanin" and off to the printing press it will go?

Please elaborate for me what your logic is in giving space to such piece of linguistic violence. Thank you.

Irina Khanin


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One person's bot-like remarks are another's freedom of speech. God bless America.


Are you a Russian bot, Bot-Einstunt?


One person's vile, no content comment is another person's freedom of speech.


You must not be an online subscriber, Irina, name calling is always part of some commenter's daily comments. All that it does, for me, is lose any point they may have been trying to make because they took me back to grade school. People complain about Trump doing it, yet they do the same thing.

Spock Here

BJ has a special thesaurus he uses. Thanks for making the point that he's part of the problem

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