You just gotta love the liberal hypocrites these days. Their hypocrisy has reached it’s ne plus ultra in the Trump era. I have been observing it since I started college in 1964. The examples are legion but let me offer on simple easy to understand illustration.

Dan Quayle misspelled “potatoe” and was pilloried for decades. Obama once spoke of the 52 states in the Union and called corpsman “corpseman,” yet nary a word was spoken.

Joe Biden just recently talked about the “CANADIAN” geese in his yard. If the geese had Canadian passports around their necks the would indeed be Canadian geese. However, lacking such documentation they are CANADA geese.

It’s easy to understand why Joe finished in the bottom half of his law school class, although, in his mind only, finished in the top half.

John Giangola


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Bernie, in your wildest dreams, do you think Democrats, instead of the Trump cult would ever heed his suggestion to inject disinfectant? Like that couple in Arizona. The husband died and his wife, seriously ill.


In the midst of a worldwide pandemic with a President who tells his followers that hydroxychloroquine and bleach are the way to fight off the virus (a group of not so Mensa-level people that includes the QANON crowd) and you want to talk about Canada vs Canadian geese? How many charities have past Presidents been forced to disband because they misappropriated the funds? You really can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time. The rest of us are just biding our time until November. Now get yourself to a MAGA rally and start shaking hands!

Bernie Mac

Only Democrats are stupid enough to drink bleach and inject Lysol.



Bernie Mac

Grow up!

Spock Here

Ironic, isn't it, that bot school failure Bernie is telling people to grow up. Bless his heart

Doc Samson

Yep, thin the herd and all that!

Spock Here

The science deniers and cultists are thinning it for their country, bless their hearts

Spock Here

Well I hope you feel better getting that important bit of nothing off your chest; just one note..."nary"? You don't remember that the "52 states" gaffe has in fact been trotted out endlessly, usually as a response to stuff like "Henry Ford had great bloodlines"


My favorite quote right now is "If you support Trump, you ain't black".[whistling]


My favorite is from Trump on Jan. 22: "We do have a plan." I would laugh, but 100,000 dead have taken any humor out of it. It simply shows what a dangerous clown we have as a president.

Spock Here

Oh, hard to pick a favorite quote from Trump, but the "I take no responsibility" kind of sums him up nicely

Bernie Mac

You know what they say.

If it weren't for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all.

Doc Samson

So true. They never met a mirror they didn't want to smash...


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