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The following is from an Open Forum on the Editorial Page in The Winchester Star on April 6, 2021:

“Equity training in schools is important”

“But Mr. Graber should keep in mind that if the late Sen. Harry Byrd Jr. had been exposed to equity training, he might have realized even had Virginia’s segregated schools been truly equal, they could never have produced equity (fairness) for Black students, who by their segregation, were made to feel different and of lesser worth.”

Please remove the name Harry Byrd Jr. and insert Robert Byrd and Joe Biden. It seems to me that changes the tune being sung.

Dick Wiltshire Frederick County

Dick Wiltshire

Frederick County

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What kind of a system prevents me from calling Mr. Wiltshire by his first name because his first name is considered to be profanity? Must be progressive software!


And what rules are those? Who really cares? Who has time to even come up with them? And other than a fringe of more liberal Democrats in Congress, who exactly is the “left?” Golly, I’m really on the edge of my seat here to be enlightened as to who these mystical monsters are who so terrorize the Republicans.

What you have is smoke and mirrors and vivid imaginations seeing what’s not there. In reality, what you really have is hard working people trying to put the plague behind us and lift the American people and our economy out of the doldrums. You’d think Republicans would want to do the same.

Doc Samson

Excellent projection! The only ones consistently making judgements and assumption based on their bizarre, Hollywood imagination is you and yours.

Golly! indeed...


Mr Wiltshire just nailed the left. The left wants one set of rules for themselves and another for the rest of us. No way.

That's a pretty bold statement, especially with very little to support it. I wonder if Mr Wiltshire would explain how Joe Biden is acting like Harry Byrd, Jr?

john brown


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