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The older I get the more I realize that modern life poses many perplexing questions. For example, there’s Joan Lunden on TV flogging for a national senior care referral service called “A Place for Mother.” What’s up with that? How about dear ol’ dad? What is he, chopped liver? And then there’s all those signers signing for those people making public service announcements. No matter if it’s Governor Cuomo of New York, Dr. Fauci, or Governor Abbott of Texas, they all use signers to get the public service announcement to the deaf. This is as it should be, but is it really necessary for the signers to carry on the way they do? I mean, have you ever seen such a display of histrionics. They obviously need to use their hands to sign, but all that grimacing is simply over the top.

Finally, I would note that I have lived in Winchester for maybe 15 years at this point and all that time in the city limits. I estimate that on the average a fire truck roars by my residence three times a day. That begs the question as to where they are headed and why? If they were actually going to a fire there is no question this town would have been reduced to ashes long ago. If they are not putting out fires what are they doing?

Just asking.

Michael Rea Winchester

Michael Rea


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As to the remarks he made about the fire trucks going by so much. Do you not realize they go out to accident calls as well as fire calls. They help other towns and into WV if the accident/fire is there. They have to run the trucks/squads etc to keep them running good. They go the the fire alarms even if there is no fire because they have to make sure there is NO fire. They are also used for blocking if an accident it in a bad area. Like the back roads. and because some people don't move over. when they can. Just saying, if it was your house on fire, or you had a medical emergency wouldn't you rather the trucks etc be there for you


The insensitive comments about the signers was shocking. Since it appears to be done by all signers I’ve seen on TV, I would guess the “histrionics” is part of the language to the deaf and hearing impaired. I would suggest Mr. Rea who is easily offended by what helps the deaf, just turn his television off.

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