Keeping foxes out of the henhouse

If you own chickens, you need to understand the science behind keeping them safe from foxes.

Your chickens need a henhouse where they can nest, sleep, or do whatever chickens enjoy doing in their leisure time. And your henhouse needs an opening so the hens can get in and out. But therein lies the danger. The entrance must be larger than the chickens; otherwise, they won’t be able to come and go. But if the chickens can get out, foxes can get in — and nobody wants that!

The solution is to enclose the area around the coop with chicken wire. This is where the science comes in. Chicken wire has holes that air can get through, but the holes are smaller than foxes. Therefore, foxes can’t get into the henhouse and do their deadly work.

By the way, the same science explains how facemasks work. Just think of your mouth as the henhouse, the mask as the chicken wire, and the virus as the fox. The mask has holes for air to get through, but most of the virus can’t.

But I digress.

Many chicken owners use chicken wire because it’s simple and it works. Sadly though, there are some who believe that chicken wire is a radical leftist plot to subvert personal freedom. And worse, it’s unmanly! As for myself, I enjoy the freedom of not giving a damn what chicken wire might imply about my manhood. Plus, I have the comfort of knowing that my henhouse is safe.

Roger Kalin Winchester

Roger Kalin


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Mr. Logic would do well to take up the science of measurement - Metrics. The weave in a mask that allows air to pass though is between 10 to 100 times larger than the virus. It is like thinking that chicken wire will stop a fly. It is only virtue signalling like tossing salt over your left shoulder to satisfy old Scratch, somewhere between superstition and just plain ignorance.

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Thanks Dr Sparky, usless, ignorant input as usual.


The next time you have surgery, tell the doctor not to bother wearing a mask


Oh Please. The airborne particles consist primarily not of solitary virus germs but rather tiny droplets of spit-- which can definitely be filtered out by wearing a mask. Think of how many relatively uneducated or unsophisticated readers who could be swayed by your ignorant advice and subsequently succumb to the virus. Shame!!!


Oh Sparky... as clueless as ever.



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This letter deserves a Pulitzer!![thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Catherine Giovannoni





Hush, coward. Adults are talking here

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