I encourage Frederick County residents in the Gainesboro District to vote for Kevin Kenney in the April 11 special election for the Board of Supervisors. This election will fill the unexpired term of the prior representative.

Since announcing his candidacy for supervisor, Kevin has attended several community events, meeting with residents to discuss their concerns. I want a responsive, approachable representative. I want a representative with broad knowledge of Frederick County and who knows how local government, businesses and community members should work together for the common good. I want a representative who promotes professionalism and civility and who puts people and the county’s wellbeing over party. That representative is Kevin.

Kevin has years of experience living in and serving Frederick County. He spent 10 years on the Planning Commission and served as its Chair for four of those years, demonstrating his keen leadership ability. He has experience in construction, working in several capacities throughout his career. He now serves as supervisor of construction for Frederick County schools — a role that I embrace because solid public schools and educating our children bring vital growth to our county on many levels. He also serves on the county’s transportation and public Works committees.

Kevin’s vast experience and common-sense approach to leadership and management make him uniquely qualified to help lead Frederick County’s development and meet the needs of our citizens well into the future.

Gainesboro District residents, please come out to vote for Kevin Kenney on April 11.

Joan Kibler is a resident of Clear Brook.

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Don't forget Kenny said he used to vote Republican. But we are to crazy now, We support parent rights, second amendment, smaller Government and individual liberties for born and unborn. I wonder which of these American values he thinks are crazy? Vote for Heather Lockridge she has our values of Gainsboro district.


Smaller government getting into women's decisions about their own bodies??? A parent's right to dictate what an entire class can study, just not their own. Books that are deemed unacceptable to some are banned to all? Sad.


Parent's rights except if they want their children to undergo medical treatments recommended by their doctor. Or the right to take their children to a drag story hour. Smaller government? Like getting in between women and their healthcare providers? Like banning books? Now they want to ban some medications that have been used for decades.

Doc Samson

Those sentiments are all well and good but does he pass the Pr0g Purity Test? [beam]


Oh, aren't you clever! Remember when you thought Judge Brian Madden was a pr0g? And you can't admit you were wrong about that. [lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]


Actually, purity is not a test. It is a philosophy that examines the human ability to discern truth,

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