The repeated references in the past tense by the White House economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, on August 25, 2020, to the coronavirus pandemic were disingenuous, dismissive, and misleading. His repetitive "past tense" remarks presented a false status of the contagion prevalence and state of public health within the United States.

"It was awful," Kudlow said. "Health and economic impacts were tragic. Hardship and heartbreak were everywhere. But presidential leadership came swiftly and effectively with an extraordinary rescue for health and safety to successfully fight the Covid virus."

At the time of Kudlow's statement on August 25, 2020, there were approximately 1,147 additional deaths and 36,679 new cases of infection within the U.S during that one day.

The remarks were "dismissive," "misleading," and "disingenuous" relative to deaths that day, a current 192,000+ identified coronavirus deaths in the U.S., and a projection of approximately 310,000 total U.S. coronavirus deaths by December 2020, based on the University of Washington's IHME statistical and disease transmission modeling of the pandemic.

These inexcusable comments, the current death count, and the modeled/projected death count underscore the pandemic mismanagement by the Trump administration.

Footnote: Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton and the House of Representatives have passed the Heroes Act for needed pandemic funding for our public health response, communities' incurred costs and revenue loss, and economic assistance for families within our Virginia 10th Congressional District of over $1,315,309,000.

Regina Walker

Lake Frederick

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Actually there were about 4,400 deaths that day from all causes. That is calculated from the 2.3 million deaths per year in the USA. We have known for some time that the deaths from Covid are way over reported. If you die and also have toenail fungus, you did not die from the fungus. Likewise if you die and also have Covid, you did not necessarily die from the virus. But the Covid Relief bill will pay the Hospital a 17-35 thousand dollar bonus if Covid is involved. So ever death possible is tested for toenail fungus, er excuse me, Covid on the chance of earning the bonus. The effect is to frighten the American people into shutting down the successful Trump Economy so that Republicans will not win the coming election. The suffering from this pandemic has been worsened and prolonged by these tactics. And Covid infections are now a lot less serious. Hospitalization rates are way down as a percent of infections and Covid CAUSED deaths are getting extremely low. Time to get back to being America - the land of the Free and the home of the Brave.

Spock Here

Cite your sources, Sparks, other than Q of course....odd that you never do.

And you call democrats "dim"? Hysterical


These points are not factual. This is Laura Ingram bs regurgitated. Fox news talking-head talking points and not based in truth. Google it, snopes it- whatever you need to do to get the trurh, but turn your tv to something other than Fox if you are fact checking. Or remain uninformed. But this is not correct info.


You want a fact? Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton has been a horrible representative and we can do much, much better. She is part of the radical left.


"a fact"? You are presenting a broad characterization of bias without giving specific detailed examples not "a fact."


Aww...buck up lil’ snowflake. I know this will be a shock to your system, but your FEELINGS do not equate to facts. (And that’s a truth you can bet your Q on!)


Kudlow is spot on. Covid-19 is real and deadly, but the shutdown was the wrong reaction. As the data comes in, it is getting clearer and cleaner that we were scammed. Notice how there is no end in sight to getting our freedoms back? That's called tyranny.


Yeah...tyranny 🙄. Or perhaps its like the spanish flu of 1918 that was deadlier in its 2nd round (shortened US life expectancy by 12 years at the time, killed more troops than WWI, and wreaked havoc on the economies around the world for about 18 months. Sound familiar at all? Yeah, thats not the sound of tyranny...Its life repeating, natural selection, a worldwide pandemic. Whatever you want to call it. But not tyranny- which is “generally accepted as a severe form of government that is led by an incompetent leader who is both cruel and oppressive” ...aka Donald Trump’s America

Spock Here

The winner is still "alternative facts"

Doc Samson

[rolleyes] That TDS is more debilitating than anything from China...

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