With 18 years of service on the School Board, one would think we would know a lot about what John Lamanna did for Frederick County schools. Instead, it is the things we don’t know that makes Lamanna the wrong candidate for the Stonewall District.

During Lamanna’s last term from 2015-2019, Deep Equity teams were instituted in our schools. Each school was requested to setup a team of at least five people to be trained and establish programs on Deep Equity. Parents were not openly made aware of this until a Freedom of Information Act request was issued to obtain the training material and make this public.

At the beginning of this same term, Lamanna also supported Terry McAuliffe’s April 2016 veto of a bill that required schools to notify K-12 parents of resources containing sexually explicit content so they could have their children opted out of assignments containing this material. He even went as far as contacting one Virginia state delegate telling him not to challenge the veto.

In short, Lamanna’s legacy on the Frederick County School Board was establishing the Deep Equity program and supporting McAuliffe’s veto of a parent’s right to opt their child out of curriculum that contains sexually explicit material.

Lamanna is not right for Frederick County, and that is why I encourage everyone to support Linda Martin for school board in the Stonewall district.

Clay Perry

Frederick County   

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Of ALL PEOPLE to write in…Clay Perry knows absolutely NOTHING about what he is talking about and a COMPLETE nut job! If you’ve been following anything lately, you’d know what I’m talking about! What a joke and nice try on this stupid letter Clay!


Lamana another lib. In a Star article in May he claimed people against CRT did not understand it. Really? I do and don't want it. Linda Martin is a conservative with our values who believes in the three R's and supports schools with none of the current nonsense going on in other areas. The two conservatives in Stonewall are Linda and Theo Theologis. Got our vote.

Doc Samson

Is this all you've got? Everyone who disagrees with you is a "nut job"? Given your stance on things, I'll be voting the Nut Job Ticket! [lol][lol][lol]


September 20, 2018 articles in the Winchester Star states "Created in May of 2017, the task force is comprised of 22 members, including teachers, school administrators and community members. School Board Chairman John Lamanna is a task force member." The article goes on to say "Now, the task force will begin a deep equity program that will seek to improve equity in the schools." It is this Deep Equity program that results in large sums of money being spent on training materials that say Tea Party supporters are White Supremacist. These are all facts. But I guess it is easier to call someone a nut job than to than to research facts.

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