I am writing in response to the Oct. 19 article, "Lawyer: Move racist statue or move trial." It is important for people around the area to know what is actually going on with their justice system.

I think the way the lawyer said that either the statute or the trial should be moved is giving them too much freedom. You need to tell them what you want. You shouldn’t have to give them options where they can do this or that.

Also, I don’t think the article needed the information about George Floyd. Yes that did happen and it was recent. But that happened in Minneapolis, not Berryville.

As it is a good idea to keep the local people updated, I do not agree with saying that they should move or remove the statue. The statue is historical, and by moving or removing it you are disrespecting the people in this country who fought in the Civil War. I don’t believe it is fair to argue to remove the statue that holds a historic meaning to this country.

Nicole Duncan


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Everyman in town

That is not the first or last time that lawyer has played the race card because he could not find an actual legal approach to defend a client

Catherine Giovannoni

No one should respect the people who fought a war against the United States of America. The statue is racist and doesn't belong on public property.

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