Star reader Jack Lillis need not worry. In his February 24 letter to the editor, Mr. Lillis asks — perhaps with tongue mildly in cheek —  that the term "Democrat Party" be outlawed. Point of fact: There is not now, nor has there even been, a "Democrat Party," just as there has never been a "Republic Party."

To the best of my knowledge as an 87-year-old, the term "Democrat Party" was an orchestrated effort by two Republican leaders in the mid-1960s. They were Sen. Everett McKinley Dirksen (R-IL.), the then-minority leader of the Senate, and Rep. Charles Halleck (R-IN), the then-minority leader of the House.

In their weekly radio broadcast, "The Ev and Charlie Show," the two gentlemen were the first (at least in my lifetime) to use the term "Democrat Party" in a deliberate attempt to convince voters not to confuse the uppercase and lowercase uses of the word "Democratic" and democratic. More bluntly, Ev and Charlie were obviously planting the idea that the Democratic Party was not — heaven forbid — democratic in its thinking or its actions.

Over time, the ruse became entrenched, at least among and within the Republican Party. So again, Mr. Lillis can rest easy: What he wishes for has always been the case.

Edward L. Jaffee


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Catherine Giovannoni

Great letter. "Democrat" Party has become a slur and it's time for Republicans to stop using it.

Doc Samson

It's amazing how obtuse Leftists are. Perhaps one of you can enlighten us as to whether it is intentional or not?


What does it matter to you? You can't handle facts and can't even realize that the parties switched in the Sixties! You gleefully live in wanton ignorance so you can feel better about yourself


Great letter! Thank you for the clarity. And cheers to a democratic republic!

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