Miles Adkins will bring financial and curriculum transparency

I am strongly supporting Miles Adkins for Frederick County School Board’s Shawnee District seat. He is a U.S. Marine veteran and strong Constitutional conservative who wants to bring back financial and curriculum transparency to the board.

The School Board, according to its website, appoints the superintendent of schools, sets the policies to administer the school division, is responsible for financial matters (budget), manages the division’s property, provides necessary school buildings, and more. Acknowledging the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, this board has witnessed students’ academic scores drop statewide, from around an 80% success rate to a mere 55% in the past two years, according to the Richmond-Times Dispatch. Yet, the board is still more interested in expanding their implementation of Critical Race Theory and Deep Equity philosophies in the classroom.

Mr. Adkins strongly opposes both, for they disrupt and replace the main purpose of the public school system: to provide free education to children and prepare them to competently join the work force or achieve a higher education after graduation, instead of trying to mold or transform their thinking about social issues.

Shawnee District parents: If you prefer that your children are prepared to successfully compete in the global economy, vote Miles Adkins for School Board.

Iris Flores Frederick County

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Doc Samson

" the board is still more interested in expanding their implementation of Critical Race Theory and Deep Equity philosophies in the classroom."

Yep! Staff development is often centered around the core concepts of this ridiculousness. Meanwhile, we fall further and further behind the leading countries of the world regarding academic rigor. But hey! At least "most" of our students will know which bathroom their supposed to use by the time they graduate! [lol]


Please cite where the school board is implementing CRT and Deep Equity *in* the classroom. Time to learn some integrity.




The curriculum is already "transparent." Everyone can find it on the VDOE's website under the Standards of Learning (SOLs).

Catherine Giovannoni





You are kidding, right? Miles Adkins has no interest in doing anything for FCPS short of underfunded them into irrelevance and disaster. He doesn't care about schools, he cares about headlines. He wants a job on Fox News, but he's not good enough.

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