More remote work, less meat could slow global warming

As global warming creates hazardous weather conditions around a world that has not yet recovered from the Covid pandemic, there are a few things we can do right now to make things better. This is a time when businesses and organizations should consider permanent policy changes to reduce unnecessary travel and carbon emissions.

First, employees who can work remotely should be allowed to do so, either full-time or part-time.

Second, organizations and schools where business must be conducted face-to-face should consider a four-day workweek to reduce carbon emissions from commuting. It is possible people could get the same amount of work done in four days as five just by adding a short amount of time to each day.

Finally, we can reduce or eliminate our consumption of meat products. A 2020 article in Forbes stated that the meat and dairy industries generate 14.5 percent of manmade greenhouse gases.

Organizations should be given tax incentives for enacting policies to benefit the environment, as should farmers who work toward sustainable agriculture. Cities should enact laws that promote urban homesteading so people who choose to can grow vegetables and raise chickens.

Staying home and eating vegetables won’t be as much fun as traveling and eating whatever we want whenever we want it, but we all need to make sacrifices to slow the devastating effects of global warming.

Star Friend Winchester

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Spock Here

Bill Weir did an interesting documentary on plant based protein, and how cattle farmers are attempting fixes for the methane problem. One was to capture the methane and power farm equipment with it. Stop with the denial and start working on fixes for petesake.

Ken Kovach

Star Friend, your solutions make good sense and are logical but, don’t forget that the America people recently elected a president that said global warming is a China hoax. So, I think our descendants will choke to death on pollution before the majority acknowledge global warming is real.

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