Regardless of party affiliation, we look for certain characteristics in a leader. We look for someone with intelligence, compassion, and resolve to get the job done. We look for someone who just does not listen but really hears what people are saying and takes it to heart. We look for someone with a sense of equity for all people and for animals. That describes my sister, Deetzie Bayliss.

Our roots in Virginia run deep. We were among the first landowners in the state, and we are proud to call it our home. We have watched Virginia evolve and grow. Deetzie understands the needs of her constituents. Not only have her life experiences prepared her to evaluate what is in the best interest for all, but she always looks at both sides before making any decision. Her profession as an attorney was a natural because she always has a passion for doing the right thing. In addition to her law career, she is a devoted mother who raised two exceptional children, and she has always found time to rescue any animal in need.

Deetzie’s education, her background, and her many leadership roles make her well suited to take on the challenges of serving in the House of Delegates to represent all constituents. No matter whether you call yourself a Republican or a Democrat, I know Deetzie, and I know she has the character that counts when electing a leader. Count on Deetzie when you vote for delegate for district 29!

Kaye Bayliss

Clarke County

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Ah yes, the angry lawyer who thinks republicans are insurrectionists. Why would we elect her to represent our conservative area?


Well, you were there at January 6th....

Doc Samson

@David - Don't forget all the domestic terrorist parents! I'm sure she's right on board with that train...


You would elect her because she is a common sense person that knows right from wrong.

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