I've been reading with interest the story about renaming Jubal Early Drive. Winchester City Council should consider renaming it after a forgotten war hero, General Daniel Morgan. Morgan fought with his sharpshooters in the Battle of Saratoga and led his men to victory at the Battle of Cowpens. Both battles are so historically significant that the U.S. Navy named six ships USS Saratoga and two ships USS Cowpens. Morgan was a Congressman who represented Winchester in the 5th U.S. Congress. Morgan has had many books written about him and his service to our country. Morgan lived in Winchester. Morgan died in Winchester. Morgan is buried in Winchester at Mt. Hebron Cemetery. In 1951, Winchester got slapped in the face by the citizens of Cowpens, South Carolina, when they came to our town and accused Winchester of forgetting this prominent hero. They attempted to dig him up (with family permission) and relocate him to South Carolina. A legal battle broke out and the story made national headlines! Google Life Magazine "Who Gets the General's Body?" to read the story and see pictures. Winchester won, but it had egg on its face, so the city erected a monument and installed it by his grave. Later, the city named a school after him, but he has largely been forgotten.

I would encourage the Winchester City Council to strongly consider Daniel Morgan's name as they ponder their choices for renaming Jubal Early Drive. His contributions to our nation are well worth remembering and keeping in the public eye.

Scott Straub


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Please be specific: Which "State rights" did your ancestor fight for?

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