I am writing this letter in support of Ellen White for School Board.

Too often, candidates run for such offices with their own political agenda in mind, as opposed to what is in the best interest of our kids. Well, I say enough! Get politics out of schools!

I am voting for Ellen White for School Board because she will be the independent, non-political voice our school board needs. As a mom, a nurse, and a military spouse, Ellen will bring a unique and fresh perspective to our local School Board.

If you vote at Greenwood Elementary, Millbrook High School, or Dowell J, I hope you will agree with me in saying “enough to politics in schools” and throw your vote behind Ellen White for School Board.

Robert Taylor

Frederick County

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Doc Samson

Here's a question: Does she support this - https://www.nationalreview.com/news/virginia-democrats-voted-to-allow-schools-to-refrain-from-reporting-sexual-battery-in-2020/?utm_content=buffer12503&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer


All school board candidates must run as independents according to state law. Mr. Taylor is hiding behind that missed information as Ellen White's platform includes bringing liberal politics into Frederick County Schools. Ellen was handpicked by the local Democratic Party to replace their liberal school board representative in the Red Bud District. Please do not turn Frederick County School Board to a hotbed of liberal politics like Loudoun County!!

Cast your vote in the Red Bud District School Board to Tim Stowe and allow parents to remain in control of their children's education!!


Ellen has never been a member of or attended a political party or meeting. Ever. She was not picked by any any party, unlike her opponent. How long have you known Mrs. White?


You have no idea what you're talking about. I can guarantee 100% that not only did the local Democrats not pick Ellen to run, they had never heard of her until after she filed.

Tim Stowe was the head of the local Republican group and is the only divisive politician in that race.

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