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This Letter addresses your July 2 email to me concerning commentary, “Rededicating ourselves to our Founders,” (July 3). You questioned sentences, “Currently, America confronts another mindset – Black Lives Matter – communists masquerading as a racial justice movement. BLM aims to dismantle everything our Founders created.”

You’d researched my sentences about BLM, but hadn’t sufficient time “to get any clarity (truth) on the organization.” You suggested I add “in my opinion” or “that you believe.”

I disagreed. Even without sources immediately at my fingertips, I knew my sentences were factual, not opinions. (My sources: insurgency expert Trevor Loudon, “Black Lives Matter is a communist movement – period” and “YouTube: BLM’s Leftist Agenda Has Little to do with Black Lives.”) So I suggested, “My sources cause me to believe that BLM is a Marxist organization,” which you published, along with “BLM aims in my opinion is to dismantle everything our Founders created.”

When is it the editor’s responsibility to verify the truthfulness of commentary? As I’ve stated in previous commentaries, I take great care at being factually correct before presenting opinions from those facts. Commentators’ reputations depend upon their writing opinion that’s based on truth. Do you verify truthfulness in all commentaries, like those of Kevin Kennedy? I don’t see “I believe” in many commentaries – because it’s redundant – even those that are knowingly false. Informed readers judge commentaries for truthfulness and validity against other evidence. Commentary opinions belong to the commentators, not to the editors.

Donovan “Mark” Quimby

Frederick County

Donovan "Mark" Quimby

Frederick County

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Doc Samson

It is clear to those of us capable of rational thought which way the Star is now heading. As always, Leftists can make statements that "everyone knows" without having to provide any proof. Meanwhile, anyone of a conservative or libertarian mindset must provide proof.... and not just any old proof, but Leftist Approved proof... [rolleyes]


Anyone who uses Trevor Loudon or YouTube as a source of “facts“ apparently doesn’t have a very good filter about what information is factual versus opinion in the first place. I support what editing the Winchester Star did in stating that these were opinions, not factual statements coming from the writer.

Ken Kovach

"I BELIEVE" the editors opinion was fitting constructive criticism. "IN MY OPINION," using these phrases makes us appear to by openminded.

Spock Here

Lopsided "facts" breed misinformation, we have enough floating around. And if you are suggesting that black lives matter intends to dismantle our society as a whole, and not the society that still to this day has pockets of systemic racism, then you don't get it...that in fact is the society our founders founded. But yeh, continue to spout your communism'll have a big, confederate flag waving audience.


Please, help many of us curious people to “get it“. If BLM is a benevolent, peaceful movement, please show us where we can find their leaders condemning the violence and destruction.

Spock Here

"nonviolent destruction" As I see it, destruction of a society that allows systemic racism to don't "get that"? Here is one leader, there are others, and some not quite as peaceful,

''The founder of St. Paul’s Black Lives Matter chapter denounced the violent protesters who blocked a major interstate and attacked police officers Saturday night in the Twin Cities, saying they did a disservice to the officers trying to maintain order and that their actions did nothing to further the group’s goals.

Rashad Turner, who leads Black Lives Matter in St. Paul, tells TIME that he blames much of the violence on people who he says weren’t from the area.''

Spock Here

Society was not chosen well. destruction of the "social norms" that make systemic racism acceptable. But first, you have to see and admit that there is an issue.


An issue, yes. An issue of violence, intimidation and fear that too many on the left condone. It will change our country in ways that even you, Spock, may someday regret.

Spock Here

You asked for an example of "condemnation" I provided it. As for violence and intimidation, the hired goon storm troopers have left Portland. "Portland protesters have almost no interaction with state police as thousands gather downtown." Interesting. Could it possibly be that Trump was trying to pull an "dictator type move", getting his “brown shirts” to start riots so he could ask the military to move in creating even more chaos? The protests are in the hands of the state police, as they should be.

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