Imagine a community where roads are jammed, and you sit in traffic wasting your valuable time. Imagine schools that are so overcrowded with students that trailers are moved in, classroom sizes are increased and required maintenance to maintain the schools goes unfunded.

Imagine a community where hundreds of new houses are built each year, dozens of businesses and new commercial buildings rise from the ground. Imagine hundreds of additional emergency calls are made for the fire department, emergency medical services or law enforcement.

Now imagine, that community having no plan to deal with those problems. Even worse, imagine if that community elected individuals to the Board of Supervisors who would implement a four-year plan of no spending to address those issues.

This is the reality of what the residents of Frederick County are facing. Did you know that Frederick County is the fastest growing community in the Commonwealth behind only Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads? Years of neglect, poor planning, and increased growth have created this tsunami.

The question becomes what are we as a community going to do about it? Will we elect Shawn Graber and allow him to implement his plan of another four years of further neglect in addressing the issues we face? Or do we elect Steve Jennings to lead our community through these issues?

Neighbors of Frederick County's Back Creek District if you're tired of sitting in traffic, if you're frustrated with overcrowded schools, increased response times for your emergency. Elect Steve Jennings on Nov. 5.

Malinda Greene

Frederick County

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