As a former supporter of Dave Stegmaier, I am now a supporter of Josh Ludwig as the Shawnee District candidate for the Frederick County Board of Supervisors. Why? Dave Stegmaier has turned out not to be the fiscal conservative that I thought he was. There is currently a 1-vote margin on the Board of Supervisors. Dave Stegmaier has a history of being the 4th vote on 4-3 votes on many issues. Most recently he voted to give Frederick county residents a 2% food tax raise and an overall raise in property taxes due to the 8.5% increase in property values. Josh Ludwig is not a politician. He is a concerned resident who moved here 10 years ago from Northern Virginia so that he could live a more peaceful life with this family, enjoy a more reasonable cost of living and send his kids to schools that do not teach propaganda. He had traditionally not paid a lot of attention to local politics but started to notice the slow creep of increased taxes and decreased transparency in the schools. Once aware of these issues he decided to challenge Dave Stegmaier for the Republican nomination for the Shawnee district. Josh is for low taxes and budget transparency. He has many first responders in his family including his father, a lifelong police officer. As such, he is an ardent supporter of all first responders. Who would you rather have for that 4th vote in Frederick County leadership?

Lisa Callanan

Stephens City

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I, too, am a former supporter of Dave Stegmaier and am now a supporter of Josh Ludwig as the Shawnee District candidate for the Frederick County Board of Supervisors. My reasons are the same as the writer's. Stegmaier is NOT a true conservative. He does not respond to constituent emails. He votes just like Richard Kennedy would. To me, Stegmaier is Kennedy; Kennedy is Stegmaier. Shawnee deserves better!


Of course you share the same views as the writer as these were the talking points that you all were given at the radical right wing tea party meeting. You all are spouting no taxes, no taxes, no taxes...but none of you have told us how your candidate will pay for the support that our first responders need. It is easy to jump into the fray and bash someone who is doing a good job of supporting their constituents when you have no solid plans on how you will do the same job. C'mon tea party radicals provide some details on what your candidate will do differently. Your generalities and mudslinging will not sway moderate voters.


I have reported your abuse and slander to the Star. You make false allegations against me all the time and I am tired of it. I have never been a tea party member. I have never attended a tea party meeting. I have never attended a GOP meeting. I am just a tax payer that is tried of my taxes being raised every year to pay for a sub par school system that is sucking all the money out of Frederick County. Why can't you allow for a differing opinion with name calling? Nothing radical about wanting my money well spent.


How can a valid person abuse and slander an anonymous entity?? LOL

I believe that you were one of the first on this forum that could not 'allow for a differing opinion' when you started abusing and slandering Dave Stegmaier with your false claims and name calling. Provide your real name and we can verify that you are not hanging out with the right wingers pushing their candidate in the GOP Canvass and I will issue a public apology.


GreatScott is now anonymous to itself changing it's forum display name in order to try to hide from itself....LOL


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